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when i was you nudging a reprieve in the monotony of life ,media,remix,bpm_115_120,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,electronic,alt... representing the monotony of her life, then a 1/8 note chorus that represents running on the spot. the rapidly changing chords an
...b]little colors and monotony , i described this...[/b] finally, anchor mejans sang with my music.i wanted to do this for a long tim
...botany pornography monotony x2 (stfu) chorus muffled crying sounds acappella,media,angry,female_vocals,harmonies,attribut
...fight to pierce the monotony and overcome the way things are. made with acid pro by d.f. shapinsky for [url=
mondo work in progress, a little monotony, need some lyrics and nice voice. media,original,bpm_100_105,effects,experimental,synthesizer,n...
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monotony29 monotony29 buy herbal incense online @ find cheap herbal incense & cheap herbal potpourri online....
...lmaking. courthouse monotony midwives reconstituted bombarded hop uneasiness chuff deprecating. dazzler destined compellingly paceme
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...s fight through the monotony. [up][/up]
...terludes, break the monotony besides that, seriously dope, love the female sample clip
... of "at the edge of monotony". that is to say, before the ambient sounds become monotonous, the aural trip introduced something new
...reaks up nicely the monotony of the melody. thank you very much! n9
...n the song to avoid monotony. pretty good attempt though. a little to much monotony in the beginning, and would like to have heard the pads come in sooner, but i think that this criticism
...e from falling into monotony. a second, disparate vocal sample interspersed here might work well--a different mood, to create a f's not an iota of monotony to be found. i predict this will be in the "highest listener rated (all time)" list in the very near fu
...tal break, to avoid monotony. i enjoy it as it is, though.
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