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open your mind ,media,remix,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,vbr,
... was so cool don't mind the decadence all we thought was joy of life was nothing but a wack biz, wack biz, wack biz, wack biz
... tusks but in their minds something still was missing for now they had such little space the grand savanahs were displaced and no
...auling because it reminded me of that scene from the black cat within tales of terror with joyce jameson ‘singing’ and an exaspe
...he stars up above remind me of true love they look down as the flames rise higher[/big] ,quintessential_solstice,acappella,pell,med
.../]mix with sparky's instrumental[/url]. you'll find the vocals with and without fx. lyrics
.../]here are the vocals[/url]. lyrics as the solstice draws near here come the shortest days
mind map mashup did a bit of crate digging and found these two on-topic gems. thanks to kara for taking the bull by the horns and addre...
... to be written not knowing it would finish in golgotha one dark day but for now there'd be rejoicing gifts and praises from all
...s gone, and yet my mind’s still wandering free. leaves are falling--autumn’s colors start to flee-- and i wonder as i think o
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billyimind billyimind
mindyhu11 mindyhu11
...t with such a prude mind it was not surprising that she seems to have a broom in the ass. as nice as it should be, have a 24 hours 2
foreignmindset foreignmindset
chaotycmind chaotycmind
...g websites, keep in mind that they are not "sales pitches". while some websites tout cbd as the latest, greatest thing since sliced
mindwind mindwind
mindset mindset
manminder10 manminder10
manminder manminder
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money on my mind ft faded millions & hans atom by manny arquette ft 2 pac & bobby schmurda manny arquette
money on my mind * feat. fadedmillions emanuelbusuttil123
what happens inside a dying mind? the atlantic
avantree juna 3400mah 2-in-1 portable power bank with detachable cable on vimeo stick in mind for avantree
mind space : person
[free music] texasradiofish - mind map this free music
無形的寶藏 invisible treasure frans kromhout aka 'mind field'
snowflake - in peace (ft mind map that) - (creative commons licenses) maryan
"mind map this" by texasradiofish commons flix
3004-092-alec-troniq-mind-mill-2 alec troniq
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review of 'fourteen tables' by 'zenboy1955' this is stellar! your delivery reminds me of rodney crowell. please give us some vocal stems....
review of 'meaning and joy (snide a.i. mix)' by 'speck' very cool concept (and execution of course). mindful and soulful, and what a perf...
review of 'gifted (extended mix)' by 'kristian' very good cube. reminds me of the bloodhound gang. very well produced. a ccmixter hit. bu...
...oise of the world reminds me: it's all about family. happy new year to my family here at ccmixter. thank you, snowflake :) [up][
...'s a genre twisting mind blowing experience form a creator's perspective. thanks for this fun fide into the darkest days of the yea
review of 'mind map mashup' by 'spinningmerkaba' love the collage of kara's vox! the uke and the bells add the holiday vibe in a most pe...
review of 'mind map mashup' by 'kara square' very fun! it's a blast from the past... in stereo! thank you for remixing me. and hey, happ...
review of 'mind map mashup' by 'speck' clever. and quite enjoyable. it kind of pits one ear against the other. (my right ear won, a surpr...
review of 'hanging eleven' by 'loveshadow' mind blowing production... well done.
review of '2022 11 28 small sfx sequence 01' by 'zenboy1955' reminds me of zappa with his synclavier. [up][/up]
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...environmental, it reminds of some moments from pink floyd. sometimes it seems like the withdrawal of the soundtrack of a film marked
... the talent here is mindblowing. to be able to make a mix album like this from unsigned music is crazy. i guarantee you'll love
... any of your bright minds here on the mixter site have some ideas or suggestions? i really appreciate any! i m looking for a perf with that in mind, i thought the most appropriate way for me to respond would be to contribute something in kind back to the
...ozott ez az oldal. minden jt! sgi krisztin :)
...eing handled? never mind. be comforting is knowing that at least a mix has been played even if the above applies. i have seen a few older mixes here th
... thought crossed my mind. (this may be out of the scope of, maybe would just be a third party thing?) but have you e
...others to listen to knowing i like teru's style so if he rated something high, there's a good chance i'd like it. personally, i t
... myspace refugee in mind :-) i'm not sure, if it makes sense to have a little something like that maybe even on the site here. i
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Found 53 total matches order that in my mind flows, so this is not a best songs in order playlist, but a "radio style" playlist that hopefully keeps you
...ll about it in this mind-expanding [url=]forum post[/url]. for recording inspiration, listen to the
...ll about it in this mind-expanding [url=]forum post[/url]. for writing inspiration, listen to the ad
...ll about it in this mind-expanding [url=]forum post[/url]. for remixing inspiration, listen to the a
... a little more open-minded." ~unknown[/i][/b] filmmakers, game devs, app creators, and party goers hunting for haunting soundtracks
... a little more open-minded." ~unknown[/i][/b] filmmakers, game devs, app creators, and party goers hunting for haunting soundtracks
... a little more open-minded." ~unknown[/i][/b] filmmakers, game devs, app creators, and party goers hunting for haunting soundtracks
test don't mind me.
climate shifts six songs that remind me of the beauty, the fragility, and the adaptability of nature and humanity.
...) as well as kara's mind map that podcast ([url=]no 4[/url]) to learn more about who you