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... that snowflake has introduced a character limit for reviews, but her five-liner speaks against that. maybe the review writers are b
...such as the way you introduce the (brilliantly chosen) guitar parts with a playful nod to the heightened conventions of live perform
...fferent sounds were introduced -- the purr, the electronic woosh. the melodic flutish interlude. . .lovely. bravo.
... new instrument you introduced, the beautiful vocal treatment and the wide spatial journey you take us on. i like your version bette
... the subtle way you introduce the different sounds in the background[up][/up]
... a woman's voice to introduce the conscious rap. word!
...scordance gradually introduces anxiety and suspense. oh yeah, there is a steady flow of ideas a brewing! great job, speck -- excelle
review of 'garnet wine' by 'siobhan dakay' lush, smooth....excellent. must agree with panu....i like the twist introduced with the bridg...
... later. flashback introduced by you - good thing. the argumentation stealthned the friendship btw.
review of 'nightwalk' by 'siobhan dakay' perfectly makes sense to me. btw. i like pretty much how you introduce the percussion towards th...
review of 'blindly love' by 'siobhan dakay' this is really excellent. i love the organ and how you introduce the verses after the chorus....
review of 'supergirl (fly in my dreams mix)' by 'gurdonark' lisa debenedictis first introduced me to this site, and "girl and supergirl" ...