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review of 'the harajuka girl and the whaler boy' by 'sackjo22' this is a fantastic song-story.and the entire sound of the mix is deliciou...
review of 'a graceful urgency' by 'speck' fantastic strings! shareable?
...instrumentation are fantastic, the back story for the walking man very sobering. [i]cold regrets and colder thoughts[/i]: a line
...at baritone line is fantastic. great remix!!! [up][/up]
...signed rhythms in a fantastic arrangement. i like how you combined sm's spoken word with this sung melody. great mix!
review of 'the more and more to tell you' by 'speck' fantastic. trippin' some sixties associations. a lost donovan perhaps. [up][/up]
...the sample share is fantastic, it is very inspiring as starter sounds. there is something for everyone. great job! [up][/up][up][/up
review of 'yellow and blue (sung by snowflake)' by 'kara square' fantastic collab! inspired lyrics. empowered vocals. i absolutely lov...
...ounds. the voice is fantastically ethereal. and those piano samples by at are really beautiful. it all works so well! [up][/up][up][
review of 'yesterdays blues' by 'martin cee (softmartin)' just picked up on this one whilst beachcombing : fantastic lyrics, and a lovely...
review of 'strong man' by 'kara square' yep. what they said. fantastic mix of an impressive vocal. right on!
review of 'say something' by 'radioontheshelf' beautifully done! fantastic tones throughout[up][/up] just one thing though, how did y...