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...fter the other like successive passes through a copy machine. the stems are largely resamples, but painstakingly time-aligned so i w
if you wait after a break another remix here at ccmixter. i found loveshadow's excellent vocals and tried to find an interesting approach...
...dent monot rakhiba successor bahire pitri matrik aru ki diba xaxox logot rakha tumar dangor xokti axa niraxa xokolu amar monor up
the last mile i wrote this tune to represent struggle, success and a triumphant ending. remixed from dj vadim's samples from run come ...
...and the payment (if successful) is clarified. moira and i found an agreement. people unaware of ccm might buy it on itunes (hop
...ound instead a most excellent vocal that also seemed to fit perfectly. so... without further ado... ,media,remix,bpm_100_105,ccplus_
oh man thanks to per for his excellent tribute to the late david bowie i hope my version evokes a feeling of sadness at the loss but a...
...dding. marla was an excellent writer with a fine and unique intelligence. every so often, she would send me some lyrics and ask me
...aster flash, pushin success so hard just to make the cash, aint that the reason you pulled this chair up to me, liftin your head up,
1033 excellent tracks and samples. a real pleasure to work with it. when i saw the assignment, i was very happy. some time ago i had s...
... to zikweb for your excellent original work and to ccmixter for the opportunity once again to create new work via random synchronici
...obo aji kali tumar success tumar story, nohoi monor suwali let this sink in your mind success is your puwali //this is unsolvable