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...nk you all for your encouraging reviews. ,media,secret_mixter,remix,mixup,spring_2022,sample,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr
...n audio denominator encouraging integration of cube3 and the whale voices and simulations was an affinity for f# minor. real wha
dub the vote apoxode mixed this great dub version of admiral bob's singer bait. kara square wrote and sang an encouraging vocal to admir... without her encouraging me and her advise and her honesty this would not have happened. and not to forget panu who helped bi
...t a trip!!! and how encouraging you are and how collaborative you are. you are a star !! so here is my songwriting debut. i
big summer music fest promo - snowflake thanks to kungfu for encouraging me to create a promo for the [url=
... the years has been encouraging. for this remix, i went back to setting spoken words to music, using a piece from my 2011 treetr
...n you give me your encouraging words you teach me how to appreciate life by thank god where we live in his world you are my f
... from some kind and encouraging remarks he would make on my mixes over the years. this is my way of saying thank you and goodbye
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...he man made cooing, encouraging noises, for her to relax, as he pushed. jo knew herself, that she had to, or she'd certainly be hurt
...d at supporting and encouraging the body’s health and self-healing capabilities, and are appropriate for all ages, from newborns t
... worked with nash-i encouraging him to tap into his other hidden talents. by 2007 nash-i and his business partner ignius teamed
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...have no interest in encouraging ai-generated content so will avoid remixing it. no malice intended sjef- it just doesn’t sit righ
... thanks apoxode for encouraging urmymuse to put swirl up! those stems were great!
review of 'perspectives' by 'apoxode' incredible -- thought-provoking and inspirational. also, very encouraging, your spoken word will be...
... my track for it -- encouraging people to vote is an important message! thanks for the encouraging words of resistance.
review of 'earth is burning' by 'siobhan dakay' encouraging and tragic given what happened just a few weeks after you have published this...
review of 'she left' by 'duckett' ahhh... gurdonark always makes a lot out of a little, encouraging the listener to slow down the mind a ...
..., yet uplifting and encouraging. beautiful combination of elements and sections. [up][/up]
...n your singing very encouraging. thank you for sharing your work with us. i love the song too.
...emixes yet. this is encouraging
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...em is geared toward encouraging and rewarding the good remixers and inspiring weaker remixers without directly insulting their fragi
... the site, which is encouraging all of us to give and get feedback so that we improve, etc. not that i'm a model mixter citizen,
suggested button for "attribution only" one thing i like about this site is that it's always encouraging podcasters and others ...
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...a smaller place and encouraging us to make and share music just for the hell of it.