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.... i share the wurly electric piano and a synthetic sound of engine done in the vst synth arturia pigments by importing a sample of m
...c piano phrase. the electric guitars playing slightly wonky chords and good ol scooped mids. the drums didn't get a lot of attention
the slide out earlier in the week, i'd recorded a little fingerpicked guitar riff by pointing my webcam at my unplugged electric guitar, ...
...and harry's charge electric cars they're heading out they got some mana junkie and branching out they've been laying out the
...n jones: acoustic & electric guitars, drum extras stefan kartenberg: bongos & shakers martijn de boer: chorus drum loop i feel
h2o 2 electric boogaloo [i]suki stirred the pot a little more, it was on simmer and she wanted to make sure the flavours blended perfectl...
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aminimal aminimal i'm an electric guitarist who loves the 80's most of all. i play heavy metal mostly, but i have a deep appreciation for...
proudelectrics proud electrics
electricalhoody electricalhoody
...ower source: corded electric - cord length: 25 feet - warranty: 5 years [/i] [b]3. design[/b] except for the shark nv360's he
electricpro electricpro
electricproo electricproo
electricpira electricpira
electricq electricq
dani_plana dani_plana i play the guitar, electric bass and record tracks using open source software (gnu-linux), free synth and instrumen...
... go of acoustic and electric instruments, so i want to produce songs that combine them.
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mt. coot-tha electric bikes australia mid drive vs hub motor john bozi
f(x) ‪에프엑스 - electric shock‬ make up tutorial (& update) victoria
do jellyfish dream of electric phytoplankton? coyotelabs
electric new york (timelapse) on vimeo richard bentley
acoustic earth - electric sky david modica - electric hippies - de - electro / fusion / pop - the electric hippies
burn bright burn fast electric frankenstein
conquers the world! electric frankenstein
dead and back electric frankenstein
listen up, baby! electric frankenstein
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review of 'on a lazy day i can hear forever' by 'carosone' i like this hip hop remix, i had forgotten this electric piano part of mine wh...
review of 'l o v e m e r i g h t h e r e' by 'scomber' wonderful pella sha, i had to remix it against some jazz electric piano. thank...
...n the bridge, it is electric!!! (thanks for the fabulous vocal stems...)[up][/up]
review of 'h2o 2 electric boogaloo' by 'texasradiofish' gots d beat!
review of 'h2o 2 electric boogaloo' by 'apoxode' incredible transformation, mana junkie! i love it when you get something absolutely awes...
review of 'h2o 2 electric boogaloo' by 'mr_yesterday' you definitely took this and made it your own. a tribute to the value of stems on t...
review of 'h2o 2 electric boogaloo' by 'snowflake' the secret is the sauce! a creative use of airtone's samples as the melody to your rhy...
review of 'h2o 2 electric boogaloo' by 'musikpirat' really low the flow. would be great if you could upload some samples. i'd love to coo...
... record scratching, electric guitar, bass lines. your production skills are amazing. [up][/up]
review of 'h2o 2 electric boogaloo' by 'sackjo22' excellent dance mix with a tasty use of samples. bravo@
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...ppear? do i get an electric shock or somethin? is it like gettin a "d" on yor dang report card? i tell ya right now, junior, that the site. i play electric fretless bass guitar, and i'd like to record some bass lines for people's tracks. so far i mostly play
christopher willits winner announced congratulations to electricwest (pat benolkin) for his winning submission to the christopher willits...
...he usual variety of electric bass sounds. question for people more experienced: will it make a big difference to invest in somet
electric guitar sampling tips? happy new year everybody! i recently bought my first electric guitar that i intend to play at night aft...
...pment to hook up my electric to the computer, and then i'd need a remixer that allowed me to sync live playing to the playback. s
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sounds & recordings field_recording,train,sound,nature,engines,electricity various sound and field recordings.
poprock charts january 14 acoustic,bass,bells,blues,brass,chill,christmas,drums,electric_piano,electro,electronic,female_vocals,funky,gal...
beat charts december 13 303,acid,ambient,bass,bocrew,brass,disco,drums,dub,dubstep,electric,electric_piano,electro,electronic,female_voca...
poprock charts november 13 ambient,bass,clavinet,dance,drums,electric,electro,electronic,experimental,female_vocals,guitar,harmonica,hip_...
beat charts september 13 ambient,bass,brass,chill,clavinet,cool,dance,downtempo,drums,electric,electro,electronic,experimental,female_voc...
beat charts august 13 bass,calendargirl,chill,dance,dnb,downtempo,drums,electric,electro,electronic,electronica,experimental,female_vocal...
trolling for the blues blues,electric,guitar,slow,bass,dub,dubstep,echo,electric,electro,electronic,electronica,epic,experimental,female_vocals,flute,fmc12,folk,free,fun,funk,funky,fus