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... i love the vocal delivery, and decided to keep this sparse and minimal with all flaws intact. (rawr lofi rawr!...sorry jacinda!)
i code in labview i guess you are officially a geek when you write a song about your favorite software development environment. in my cas...
...wonderful words and delivery of panu and the exquisite singing of mr j nickel media,remix,baritone_guitar,male_vocals,percussion,non
...t many plug ins and software based instruments because some are no longer supported under the intel macs. the cost of upgrading is i
...cussions and choir (software), i decided the track was better off without any guitars. it would have spoiled the "twilight" mood - t
this is old created exclusively with free software. media,remix,bpm_085_090,stateshirt,cut,distortion,dnb,effects,emo,ladspa,psychedelic,...
...d wine. lyrics and delivery courtesy of ja; check out his cool blog at [url=http://scifisongs.blogspot.com/][green]scifi songs[/gr
...e. the words and delivery of sb3 seemed to go well with the theme so thanks to him for providing a great sounding source. media,r
the hill (sample) a 46sec sample (software instrument from garageband) of the opening melody for my instrumental song titled "the hill". ...
...nu's fine words and delivery; a bit difficult at times fashioning the band around the emotional twists and turns. more key changes a
... anchor's inspiring delivery of his most excellent poem [b]the promise[/b], and went off on a tangent and came up with this, slightl
..., and the words and delivery are true to form. media,remix,bpm_115_120,trackback,in_podcast,downtempo,electronic,female_vocals,lofi,