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... feature but all is correct. i don't know where can be the failure. please help and thanks. jul
...nnot figure out the correct bpm. loveshadow previously suggested that artists have an intro click track. please do this!!!! you'll g
...y case comments and corrections are welcome!
...he fields fully and correctly and that you uploading a proper file (mp3, zip, etc). be very patient while uploading, but if it takes
... ...wouldn't it be correct to display the fullname as defined in the account's profile? unc!
problem with streaming it may well be something with my player, but my new remix gray sky blue sky doesn't seem to stream correctly. it p...
... tracks!" that's correct. you, your wife, your dog and your boss can not rate your own tracks. read and follow the advice in #4 a
...um. if i understand correctly, i'm free to do so under the sampling plus license 1.0 that allows commercial use of derivitive works.
...t figure out how to correct the problem, maybe i'll try to find some other people to sing the songs i'm writing or at least some of
non-derivs and podcasting i think i understand this correctly, but i'd rather ask to be sure...i've started a new podcast, and i want to ...
...l product or to the correct webstite). sorry for such a pita question, but i am sure as more and more similar sources come onlin
...ced in a more "correct" licensing category and would do not harm to the site & license compatibility because a pd lice
...my efforts licensed correctly without violating another artist's rights. *meow*
...ite rather than the correct "ambiencellist". i know this is just a keystroke thing, over on the magnatune end, but is it p
sorry i made a rating error. if there is any way of correcting this please change my one star to five stars. thank you. : ) [url]ht...