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...ivity, passion, and attention to detail were truly inspiring, and i learned so much from the experience. i was blown away by the
...artist's meticulous attention to detail. this attention to detail helps to ensure that the different elements of the track are cohes
review of 'pay attention' by 'sackjo22' oh yes! we are on the dancefloor in the living room bringing in the new year with this jam! brav...
review of 'pay attention' by 'kara square' oh yeah! awesome mix. love the downtempo chillhop vibes. great listen.
...iktok draw a lot of attention away from a person present at a demonstration. because all these apps make us stars. even though you'r
review of 'your job is to resist (your pupa is dilated remix)' by 'carosone' it's strange how your attention went into those enharmonic 4...
... just *demand* your attention!) to the really well-placed delay and (i'm guessing) vocoder on the vocals. the chord progression (if
review of 'into paradise (magic hours secret mix)' by 'scomber' this is awesome. whos the singer?? great attention to detail. would lov...
review of 'the magic of crows' by 'scomber' didnt know you were a birder, that explains your attention to detail. just like this song [up...
...venge for unwelcome attention, i would have more solace. that way, if you atleast generated enough exposure ex;ob the art (including
...of wish i paid more attention in french class :) thanks for including me, i appreciate it! [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'numbers' by 'apoxode' great flow and attention to detail, moves along nicely :) after listening to the stems (well done by th...
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