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...e, because my other accounts were blocked. because it's clear, the few megabytes of my uploads are of course very expensive. and suc
... i lost my ccmixter account and had to start again as louistheartist
review of 'until dry summertime' by 'adgpen' i just made an account to thumbs up this mix.
...e of these and take account of your musical journey. cheers and all the best ! mr. mejans
... world and become unaccountable behind the wheel of a car/truck. for now, i just call it the "narcy (narcissist) bubble." great c
... to be taken into account. have a nice day, apoxode
review of 'fall together pell' by 'hk98' hi, i couldn't write an other review on my account. (horthy_kristof98) so this is the final vers...
...] ps this is my new account, my old acount (platinum butterfly) is for some reason not any more reachable for me, but this new name
review of '2017' by 'speck' fantastic. and inspiring. i wasn't going to write a 2017 (having done a '15 and '16) on account of what th...
...n lyrics -- without accounting -- let me call my lawyer ":0)
review of 'showbiz for the ugly' by 'stellarartwars' sorry i've not been here earlier, as we're logged in with our band account. the ...
review of 'survival is the key' by 'iluffchinchillas' yay! yay, yay, yay! this is one of few of the remixes on my account that i really l...