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Cuckoo (lonely remix)

Strings, harp and a divine sense of harmony makes this a bone chilling journey in the soul of shockshadow and Lisa.

Sitting down is highly recommended when listening because it will knock you off your feet.

Below ( The Dirty Water Mix )

by: J.Lang
Ambient hip hop is probably the best way to describe the swirling, swishing yet head-bobbing interpretation of Lisa’s song.

A remix succeeds when it sounds as if the vocals and music were always meant to be together, in this case as if she actually sang over this music in the recording studio.

Another amazing example of art in the commons that never would have happened otherwise.

Congrats to J and Lisa and good luck J!

Below (frozen in time mix)

My favorite mix at CCMixter. Simple and relaxing music with depth. I haven’t picked anything in a long time but I noticed nobody had jumped on this one yet. : )

Cuckoo (passive-aggressive mix)

Rich, emotional brilliant arrangement of Lisa D.’s Cuckoo vocals. hisboyelroy takes his mastery of textures to a huge range of samples from the Magnatune library yet throughout it all there’s no doubt who’s remix this is.

hisboyelroy was one of the top vote getters in the WIRED CD remix contest and this one is sure to be in the running for the Magnatune contest.

Good luck!

Language Of My Reality

by: Click
This remix is incredibly simple and complex at the same time. I guess some people here already noticed that Click is my “friend in did” for some years now, and this was one of the reasons I did not want to write these words at first. But then I realized that being silent is even worse, because apart from our cooperation, Click is an incredibly talented musician, who deserves being noticed and rewarded for his work. This version of Language of my reality is the best one I have ever heard. Bravo, Michalku!
Cezary Ostrowski

ill Hustlin' (Still Remixin')

Perhaps I’m not the best person to write about rap, but this one made me feel really good. Elegant, smooth, jazzy. Plush sounds with a spice. Night music.
Cezary Ostrowski

All I Need-The Word Play Remix(feat J. Gomes)

by: J.Lang
This one is really special. Both Deutschenschuld and J.Lang did the incredible thing. Preparing the source materials for something completly different, they managed to achieve nearly perfect balance, as if working together from the absolute beginnig.
Great, clear instrumental layer and the rap that floats.
Cezary Ostrowski

Bad Attraction - EarJamm Mix

An impenetrable wall of distorted energy, fuzz and melodic noise. This production is pro-level and polished. Its very heavy on the metal and down right futuristic. I think TheHipCola views life through strobe light glasses!!!
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

Dirtbag- teru - remix

by: teru
I always knew Teru is a genius. He brought my youth back! What’s more, all my girlfriends love this song. They say it gives them goose bumps or whatever they call it. Thank you Teru. Excellent mix, fantastic arrangement, well ballanced vocals. Time to retire? :)
Cezary Ostrowski


Melodic, thoughtful chill. A really great use of samples found on the site, blending two outstanding contributions to the Commons to create a third, unique and powerfully moving piece.

Slither Away

A classy instrumental track by Sunbyrn. Shows us that not only can he sing(see his other tracks) he’s also a very solid producer. This one reminds me a little of Protection by Massive Attack only played by a four piece rock band. ; )

Ser Livre

ok, here i go again reviewing a track that i have no idea what these guys are actually saying. this track has that hot day, open air feel to it…hmmm, almost brazilian feel. funny that. i love the opening to this, has a real live Herbie Hancock() vibe about it. some of the chicas on this are serious women. don’t mess with these cats, i seen City of God.

Blood Ties

A fantastic remix and well executed track work that really transforms into its own thing. If you listen to the original “Scared Of My Own Blood”, then you’ll really appreciate the work done here. Virtually seamless in production, this piece has a very nice build and climax.!! Very dramatic.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

Od ciebie zależy - Wuszu feat.Masia (beat.Wuszu)

by: wuszu
Smooth. Only picking this because I know ASHWAN wants to pick this but he just picked another song, so I’m going to pick this just to pick on him. : ) But seriously this is so smooth. Wuszu provides excellent production and vocals to Masia’s oh-so-beautiful voice.


A nice rock-hop number from the ASHWAN - Van Buren - Van Buren connection. GO LIVERPOOL!