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Editors' Picks

Super Negro !

french hip hop IS HERE! 1nce again I cannot say I agree with the lyrics of WHAT they are saying (because frankly I have no idea), but I love the WAY they say it. I could have picked anyone of the 3 tracks I have heard so far, but I think this one has the catchiest hook and is probably the most radio friendly as a result, still tough hip hop though. excellent work from Genghis!

trifonc blast (cdk method mix)

High energy, high power, high voltage high everything. Starting with the top vote getter in the FreestyleMix contest, cdk reminds us of what a personalized dance remix is supposed to sound like.

One of Mixter’s most active users, cdk demonstrates a perfect example why remixing is it’s own art form.


Love Bird (feat. Lisa Debenedictis )

Callmeyang has blessed us with a Colorful, Soulful and down rigth SEXY track. Radio and club ready. It’s more than a remix It’s great production. The vocal placements as well as the great effects are awesome. A delightful house-pop track sure to please many ears.
Good luck Callmeyang

Below (Aamu Mix)

by: Aamu
Aamu takes us on a sweet, soulful & funky ride. Bottom heavy and light and airy all in one groove.
This bass heavy, ambient groove, moves the soul as well as the feet. Aamu makes us believe that Lisa and her beautiful voice were in the studio with him. Great job and good luck in the contest.

Below (Acappella Mix)

by: Thomas
A cappella makes an a cappella makes a … beautiful treatment. A truly original interpretation, thomas makes us rethink the whole idea of the song.

Great job.

Destination Lost

An amazing modern rock mix by yet another person who insists on captalizing letters to make typing their name that much more difficult(just kidding - it does look kind of cool). Be sure to check out the original by Lizzi too at Magnatune. ; )

coast to coast-DU-remix

Flawless, funky, sexy, the deutscheunschuld + J. Lang combination is a bad moootha- HUSH YOUR MOUTH! Break out the fuzzy hats and long furs and shake it to you break it to this jive hop.

Another radio ready production by deutscheunschuld, keep it flowin dude.

Below 142 (fhank house mix)

Crazy minimal punkish mix. Fresh in it’s moderate madness :) Good one to listen too. Speaks for itself.
Cezary Ostrowski


A message from our friends in London and Liverpool that they are doing just fine. Curious with the words Ashwan with the beats. Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Sweet Life

Radio ready mash-up of two ccMixter artists by a third. A beautiful production couches ASHWAN’s interpretation of Lisa DeBenedictis vocals with the addition of a rap (and cuts?) by Curious.

As harmonically solid as it is on message, from heaven (or a basement in Manchester) to your ears.


A soulful house gem by Deutscheunschuld. Truly a master of many genres. This track is like Miguel Migs house w/ a touch of Kruder and Dorfmeister and a ton o’ funk. Oh yeah and really sweet vocals. DU rocks! : )

Don't Stop (mizzG mix)

by: Girlio
Hippidy hoppety head snap defying first upload by Girlio is an instant Mixter hit. Using JLang’s a cappella upload to brilliant effect. Listen and move.

Robot Vomit - Cuckoo-REMIX

Contemporary, fundamentally sound and perfect!!!! Sometimes in the world of remixes and mash-ups we get away from more traditional sounding music (which can be very innovative at times), but then there are times where nothing beats excellent musicianship. robotvomit has povided us with that and I expect this piece to stay on a lot of playlists for quite some time. This is one mellow day dreamer of a song that could fit comfortably with the trendiest of alternative heads or some MOR radio station playing softly in an office space near you. I guess I’m trying to say it has a very universal appeal.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

the beat

The beat indeed (!) is infectious, meditative and lulls you into a chill-trance. Pulling off one of the best examples of sample layering on ccMixter, cdk wins the award for “most improved Mixter’ (not sure how he feels about that, we mean it in the best possible way with best possible feelings of respect and admiration). Week after week I’ve watched and listened as the uploads just got better and better, surprise after surprise.

Vocal flavorings sprinkled throughout by JLang who is closing in on “most sampled Mixter” — a beautiful combination.

Thanks guys.

Cuckoo (lonely remix)

Strings, harp and a divine sense of harmony makes this a bone chilling journey in the soul of shockshadow and Lisa.

Sitting down is highly recommended when listening because it will knock you off your feet.