Editors' Picks

Silent Night

The only disappointing thing about this great piece of international collaborative work is no one asked me to be a part of it.:-(

But then the up-side is i am gladly free from the involvement to be able Ed Pick it.

Well done to everyone who’s helped make it and to MC Jack for such a united and spirited mix.


Sometimes a gorgeous mix like this just grabs your ears and whispers “listen… and listen closely”

Lazarus (Act 1 + 2)

Internal Faith Relation brings the big audio dynamite to the anger and angst that is Suzy Q. Smith. This is is the kind of track that makes you want to get out of your chair and smack some sense into somebody.
MC Jack in the Box

U TERU S . Birth of Souls

As we celebrate 5 years of the goodness of ccmixter, this Secret Mixter track pairs up arguably ccmixter’s 2 finest producers and the result is what you’d expect. Exceptional.
MC Jack in the Box

Polaroid Lucid Dream

I found myself reaching for the Ed Pick button after 30 secs.

Our own Thomas Newman walks a Sting like vocal through a real orchestral manoeuvre in the dark.

October 12

The pairing of resident torch singer CiggiBurns with the awesome horns of St. Paul and the Paloseco Brazz Orchestra results in this timeless classic. It’s hard to believe music this good is being given away for free but it is.
MC Jack in the Box

fly on (beat rebelz remix)

The beats, the bass, the vocals, and the broken guitar… no faith needed, this is a complete groove mix from bullfit1.

Gloria (angel mix w/DoKashiteru)

Beyond season and denomination, Snowflake builds on a hypnotic DoKashiteru track and several traditional inspirations to mesmerize us mere mortals with glorious voices from a better place. Stunning and inspirational.

The Light

Traditional country music might be hard to find at ccmixter, but arguably, nobody does it better than Unreal DM, who matches the inspired vocals by SackJo22 with another incredible backing track. A showcase track for both the source artist and the producer.
MC Jack in the Box

Soul Scratchers

Shagrugge is the Master of cutting and slicing grooves. His latest “Soul Scratchers” proves my point.
A bit hip hop, trip hop, jazz, jungle, funk, smooth grooves, break beats and a touch of love.
Believe Ya’ll.

Walk On Essen11

There once was a music called “soul” - for the definition you can either look it up in an encyclopedia or you can listen and groove on this track. Your choice.

mykle has uploaded dozens of great original productions, but using samples from zikweb has brought out his amazing vocal and mixing skills like never before.

Slanted Voices

Just an amazing sonic rollercoaster ride through the mind of Travis Morgan aka morgantj.
MC Jack in the Box

Death March To Sun Fun City

by: RUIN
Ok guys..If it is too hard to wake up this morning, add this in your coffee..if you like it more Rock..of course.!
ditto ditto

Ice and Chilli

by: _ghost
A testament to the fundamental premise of CC Mixter, a whole dusty jigsaw box of samples , sounds and flavours. A picture where the missing pieces are recut shaped and coloured by a passing Ghost

I Want To Shout Out (7OOP3D Shouda Louda Mix)

by: 7OOP3D
It’s pretty hard to sit still to this incredible dance track. play it loud and proud.
MC Jack in the Box