Rise from the Ashes Event

Editors' Picks


A very smooth rendition of Sackjo’s vocal, yet quite powerful.
Play Power

Inspire Me Forever (Secret Anomaly Jonez Mix)

One man band extraordinaire Spinning Merkaba hooks up with the always inspiring Anomaly Jonez in this incredible slice of chill that forever shows how the Secret Mixter inspires the creation of some outstanding music.
MC Jack in the Box

61 Ways (You've Changed)

With the volume dial set firmly at 11, Copperhead’s rock anthem treatment of State Shirt’s ode to website love gone bad proves that sadness turned anger can be a fun ride! Buckle up!

Both Eyes Closed

With “Both Eyes Closed” State Shirt, along with Panu Moon, takes us on a journey that is both emotional and filled with wonder. After multiple listens, I still want more.

This is a beautifully executed remix, one that highlights the talents of both mixer and songwriter. A must listen.

Stop What You Do!

A crafted soundscape of fuzz-trip-hip-hop, DoKashiteru’s mix of Stop What You Do! features favorite ccM rapper Ms. Vybe and provides inspirational candy for the ears.

This track deserves an intent listen in headphones (I highly recommend it)!

A Billion Years Of Green

by: logos
Tasty ambient groove that sets you floating…above a warm-round bass tone that rides a straight, right rhythm.

Mseq’s stellar production frames the beautiful voice of Leza2unes, and leaves you wanting more….

Move Your Body

texasradiofish makes me think he hails more from n’orleans than the lone star state as he wraps up beckfords (or is that one of the Neville Brothers?) in this fine piece of funky goodness.
MC Jack in the Box

Wanna Show You (That it's a matter of time)

A bit of edge, a bit of sweet, and a dynamic, melodic, accessible remix by Wellman of Shannon Hurley that is just splendidly done!

The earth comes first

Bignobo_combo accentuates the force of Periel Stanfield’s vocals with an arrangement filled with edge and power to set forth a message that refuses to be ignored.

The End

A head-nodding mash-up that mixes more than a dozen sources but never loses focus. A fitting self-send-off to the Cool Music Show by one of the proficient and valued members of the community. MCJITB: you are loved.


well, if you needed a reason to get out of your chair, now you’ve got one.
MC Jack in the Box
Play SP*NK

Maybe I Should Stay

by: dabra
dabra takes Calling Sister Midnight on a trip down analog memory lane in this stunning and very cool arrangement, just a perfect backdrop for this excellent vocal track. Maybe you should stay.
MC Jack in the Box

Easy Killer (dogmix)

by: oldDog
oldDog wraps long time mixter favorite chanteuse Lisa DeBenedictis into an exquisitely crafted and comforting sonic blanket of mesmerizing patterns.

Impromptu in A

Grounded by Bill Ray’s exquisitely fine drumming and error404’s wicked bass, DoKashiteru takes us on a journey through the world of the hottest jazz club where the hippest hip cats gotta’ move to the groove, to that sublime moment when you just say “ah” because you heard something so, so pretty.

These Are The Moments

I have no idea what part i played in helping this lingering tidal composition fly but those are the breaks and these are the moments.

It fits a recent fitting 2010 quote i posted by Tom Hanks in the film Castaway i heard the other week :

`And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?’

All the best for 2010. LS