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Sun, Jul 8 12:33 PM panu review of Mathilde (bleu) by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful mix. . . !!!
Sun, Jul 8 12:31 PM Snowflake review of Phat Depression Gone For Good by 7OOP3D
Oh i love your mangling. i am honored to be mangled by your musical prowess. ple...
Sun, Jul 8 12:30 PM panu review of Drama Of The New Americana by Siobhan Dakay
VERY dramatic. . .. Always a treat to hear something from you.
Sun, Jul 8 12:25 PM Snowflake review of The Shifting Sun Experiment by Aussens@iter
this is so beautiful. and what an artful journey you've shared with us. i love t...
Sun, Jul 8 12:18 PM Snowflake review of Hafez : The Sun by SackJo22
you've lift my sky!!
Sun, Jul 8 12:15 PM Snowflake review of Mmmmm by Scomber
Is there a space in this dark world for you and me? this is a question i ask my...
Sun, Jul 8 12:14 PM Snowflake review of mmmmm - shifting sun by urmymuse
Oh this layer cake is sweet and delicious!! You are a musical chef! Perfectly cr...
Sun, Jul 8 12:12 PM Snowflake review of solar fractal by Quarkstar
I am so very sorry to hear you had a stroke. I pray your recovery will be smooth...
Sun, Jul 8 12:07 PM Snowflake review of A Phrase I'm Going Through by Mana Junkie
I've traveled through many worlds listening to your mind-expanding music. So you...
Sun, Jul 8 12:06 PM Snowflake review of Jungle House by Vidian
yes, i very much love this.
Sun, Jul 8 12:05 PM Snowflake review of Buzz Phrases-Becky by Sprezza
thank you for this.
Sun, Jul 8 12:04 PM Snowflake review of Shifting Junkie by simonlittlefield
You've definitely lit up my sky! This is powerful. I feel it in my chest. I real...
Sun, Jul 8 12:00 PM Snowflake review of The Politics of Hate by Loveshadow
Gritty, crunchy and painfully delicious. Should be in the Soundtrack to 1984. It...
Sun, Jul 8 11:57 AM Snowflake review of The New Americana by panu
thank you for giving words to what i feel.
Sun, Jul 8 11:56 AM Snowflake review of All Things (story of the world) by Ruggea
inspiring, opening and beautiful. yes.
Sun, Jul 8 11:55 AM Snowflake review of Sample Pack 5 - Are You Happy Now (Dreamed Mix) by vo1k1
Wonderful wonderful stems.
Sun, Jul 8 11:54 AM Snowflake review of We Are The Spirit by Loveshadow
From the top I started crying -- "we are the spirit to which we pray". This trac...
Sun, Jul 8 11:52 AM urmymuse review of up by Vidian
Loving the rising bells at the beginning. Then starts moving forwards to the sun...
Sun, Jul 8 11:50 AM Snowflake review of Foreboding by gurdonark
This title is so perfect! From the first note, I felt the seriousness of the pia...
Sun, Jul 8 11:47 AM Snowflake review of 10 Years by Stefan Kartenberg
Dude, you are a hit maker! This track is just magic up and down -- and all aroun...
Sun, Jul 8 11:43 AM Snowflake review of Delay is an Instrument by mwic
oh the power of that electric guitar intro!!! there are some really great little...
Sun, Jul 8 11:42 AM urmymuse review of Mathilde (bleu) by Siobhan Dakay
Lovely !
Sun, Jul 8 11:39 AM Doxent Zsigmond review of Mathilde (bleu) by Siobhan Dakay
Really nice musical experience. Great sound and quite a surprise to listen Than...
Sun, Jul 8 11:36 AM urmymuse review of Hope Is A Dangerous Thing (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Truely wonderful mix. Really moving. Perfectly put together!!!
Sun, Jul 8 11:34 AM Doxent Zsigmond review of The Parting Glass (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Lovely surprise. Great guitar addon
Sun, Jul 8 11:29 AM urmymuse review of LAST DAZE by Robbero
Wild !!
Sun, Jul 8 11:28 AM urmymuse review of Moonlight Sonata (Shifting Sun Mix) by Speck
Rollover beethoven !!
Sun, Jul 8 11:09 AM Apoxode review of up by Vidian
This is a great build on my remix of Correspondence's track, "Up _ Up". Don't ge...
Sun, Jul 8 11:07 AM Speck review of Shambala (Just Imagine) by Snowflake
Honestly, I had to come back to this one later in the day. I don't always wake u...
Sun, Jul 8 11:06 AM onlymeith review of Foreboding by gurdonark
I love the remix. I love the title. I love that you have explained how you did i...