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Fri, Jan 4 4:33 PM copperhead review of You Are My Home by Kara Square
I can hear a choir singing along. Lovely song Kara.
Fri, Jan 4 4:30 PM copperhead review of Amplify the Light (pell) by Snowflake
Another fine track. Love your harmonies.
Fri, Jan 4 4:27 PM copperhead review of Tracing My Steps by Radioontheshelf
Very nice. I can hear the arrangement playing in my head.
Fri, Jan 4 1:55 PM Scomber review of A Voice Will Rise (From This Living Nightmare) by Speck
love how the synth weaves around the other instruments against the dystopian voc...
Fri, Jan 4 1:53 PM Scomber review of It´s two zero one and nine by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice jaunty rolling rhythm with a hint of latin with your guitar work and the dr...
Fri, Jan 4 1:49 PM Scomber review of Willow Belle by Zep Hurme
Ha artsy+++ not what I expected when I first hit play. Massive strings and your ...
Fri, Jan 4 11:53 AM mwic review of Shambala by raja_ffm
Sita Sings the Shambala! Love this, great job and congrats on the nom .
Fri, Jan 4 8:07 AM reiswerk review of Basic Blue Jungle Mechanism by septahelix
Action-Film Soundtrack!
Fri, Jan 4 7:28 AM panu review of "Believe" by Scomber
great song. . . . !!! 's & lighters UP!!!
Fri, Jan 4 3:08 AM Scomber review of Things I Love, Things I Hate by SoboSystem
hey Sobo thanks for remixing me and welcome to ccmixter,,,Cant believe my daught...
Thu, Jan 3 10:10 PM Apoxode review of Rain, 3482 A.D. by SoboSystem
Excellent stem for an ambient sculpture. I ran it through a highpass filter of 2...
Thu, Jan 3 10:03 PM Apoxode review of "Believe" by Scomber
You've got the juice!
Thu, Jan 3 2:08 PM Kara Square review of Things I Love, Things I Hate by SoboSystem
Creative first contribution! I'm looking forward to hearing more! Welcome to cc...
Thu, Jan 3 1:54 PM SoboSystem review of Spaced Out Women by radiotimes
Going through older stuff looking for songs for my my "space synth" mix and foun...
Thu, Jan 3 1:26 PM SoboSystem review of Lost In Outer Space by Beluga Ten
I could totally see this as the theme song to a KICK ASS sci fi space podcast.
Thu, Jan 3 1:04 PM Kara Square review of Drunking (Living Nightmare) by 7OOP3D
Oooo... I'm digging the darkness of this... love your trip-hop style. And cheers...
Thu, Jan 3 12:56 PM Kara Square review of Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautiful, emotional backing track... you are so skilled, Stefan. Thank you for ...
Thu, Jan 3 12:52 PM Kara Square review of Come Sing Along by texasradiofish
YES! This is such a festive blast! Well done, Team TEX!
Thu, Jan 3 10:49 AM Zep Hurme review of Willow Belle Pella by Scomber
Thu, Jan 3 9:43 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Don't Turn Around by Ivan Chew
I really like this kind of electronic rock. Thank you very much for the mix.
Thu, Jan 3 9:40 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Willow Belle by Scomber
Wow - what a great song. And you brought it to life with your wonderful lyric an...
Thu, Jan 3 9:35 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Another Year Around by septahelix
Great mix. Thank you for including me.
Thu, Jan 3 4:14 AM Speck review of Things I Love, Things I Hate by SoboSystem
I love the music (and wish it was louder). I hate (not really hate but I'm st...
Thu, Jan 3 3:46 AM Martin Cee (softmartin) review of Scomberella Pella (things I love, things I hate_ by Scomber
what a sweety !
Thu, Jan 3 3:44 AM Apoxode review of Things I Love, Things I Hate by SoboSystem
Definitely different vibe than most -- interesting too! Hopefully you make more ...
Thu, Jan 3 3:24 AM Apoxode review of l.o.v.e. 2019 by kris_sky
Love the Cocteau vibe. :)
Thu, Jan 3 1:29 AM musikpirat review of Toyland by Stefan Kartenberg
Whish I had noticed the song earlier. But on the other hand now I have a first s...
Wed, Jan 2 2:22 PM HaveMercy review of Symphony for The Christmas Star by Loveshadow
Man, can you cook. Everything just right. Happy new year.
Wed, Jan 2 9:55 AM Snowflake review of If This Is all You See* The Dirty Water ReMix by J.Lang
Yes! You're in a special class of remixer Mr Lang!
Wed, Jan 2 9:21 AM panu review of Willow Belle by Scomber