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Mon, Jan 20 7:00 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Mon arbre by Bluemillenium
Very nice
Mon, Jan 20 6:59 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of National Felt by Dan_Mantau
The guitars work very well with this vocals. Der Mix ist wirklich gut gelungen. ...
Mon, Jan 20 3:17 PM coruscate review of Lofi Barroom Crowd Noise 1979 by texasradiofish
This is a truly cool sample set to provide!
Mon, Jan 20 12:37 PM Martin Cee (softmartin) review of The Look In Your Eyes by Whitewolf
Magnificent ! tho ' this sounds like full on Chicago , not Toronto :) Great trac...
Mon, Jan 20 11:41 AM gurdonark review of Crowded Rooms by coruscate
A stark, spare, quirky yet forceful backing that helps set off the vocals.
Mon, Jan 20 4:58 AM De Leve review of Downtown with De Leve by Martin Cee (softmartin)
i think we can sync the voice better, its off-beat, i can help you with that if ...
Mon, Jan 20 1:38 AM Speck review of Exit on Midnight by Jorge Correo
A mix is not a sample.
Sun, Jan 19 1:12 PM Snowflake review of Can I go down into your coma? by K
I love everything about this mix — the way you aligned the melody with the tra...
Sun, Jan 19 10:31 AM Dan_Mantau review of Can I go down into your coma? by K
a really nice one
Sun, Jan 19 8:31 AM Bluemillenium review of Shehnai- Let the beat hit em- Remix by J.Lang
Great mix !!
Sun, Jan 19 8:29 AM Bluemillenium review of Debate This! by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent, harmonica, belle voix, beau texte, superbe mixage, tous les ingrédie...
Sun, Jan 19 8:25 AM Bluemillenium review of Murder by Speck
encore une belle surprise, j'aime beaucoup cette ambiance et la façon dont vous...
Sun, Jan 19 2:12 AM Speck review of Chillhop Kit One by Apoxode
Cool groove. Great samples share.
Sat, Jan 18 6:18 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Unbound by Mr_Yesterday
Great lyrics and vocal performance. You made a wonderful song of my little sampl...
Sat, Jan 18 6:02 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Debate This! by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you, Stefan, that's very much like what I had in my mind when I sang it. I...
Sat, Jan 18 5:00 PM Apoxode review of Easy Peelers by Javolenus
Sweet, nice and gritty strumming, the fx on the drums sound tribal -- very cool!
Sat, Jan 18 4:57 PM Apoxode review of evening falls by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice blues jamming, love the string bending!
Sat, Jan 18 4:55 PM Apoxode review of Phazing Dub by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Dreamy chill dub, love the shuffling of the beat ,'.)
Sat, Jan 18 4:50 PM Apoxode review of Unbound by Mr_Yesterday
Nice and tender remix :) I can relate, I am struggling to recognize keys and th...
Sat, Jan 18 4:29 PM Apoxode review of Jamaication by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very cool jazzy reggae! Chill and kind :)
Sat, Jan 18 2:49 AM Speck review of Unbound by Mr_Yesterday
Well what can I say... I'm touched. And I love seeing/hearing the thread of c...
Sat, Jan 18 2:41 AM Speck review of evening falls by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Nice one. Well played, well recorded. Thanks for sharing.
Sat, Jan 18 2:34 AM Speck review of Phazing Dub by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice chill flow.
Sat, Jan 18 2:32 AM Bluemillenium review of Pickin' On Whitewolf by septahelix
Un beau mélange, et en plus bien travaillé au niveau de la spatialisation, mer...
Sat, Jan 18 1:50 AM Radioontheshelf review of Confederation Line by Admiral Bob
Wonderful additions to the original but hats off to both of you for producing so...
Fri, Jan 17 10:26 PM texasradiofish review of Mad Symphony 2020 by coruscate
DAW sequencer and da processa LOL very entertaining mix, C
Fri, Jan 17 10:20 PM texasradiofish review of this is seattle by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Creatively weird. Does keep ones attention.
Fri, Jan 17 10:15 PM texasradiofish review of Trillium Line by Admiral Bob
Funky duty, AB
Fri, Jan 17 10:13 PM texasradiofish review of DReam by K
Like the accompaniment and song, K. Has a nice modern radio pop feel. However, h...
Fri, Jan 17 9:40 PM texasradiofish review of i.rebel strong man accap 135.95 bpm by i_rebel
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