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Reviews for "Stinging my eyes"

permalink   Tue, Dec 4, 2007 @ 4:55 PM
Slumberlords Thanks for using the vocals, I straight up loved the mix, I def liked the piano for sure fav instrument , and the way you isolated the vocals to the part “your smile still stinging my eye? it fits so well, I like it repeating n all that does is gets the listener to sing along, ? and the stutters are flipn great, you did a good job, and at 2:38 area and 3:28 that back ground vocals backing “ur smile still stinging my eyes? is that still my source vocals with effects? And if so; how did you get that sound, O and great panning also. I would’ve like to hears the last stutter “eyes? formed the whole word after the stuttering, but Ive been there already trying to get the word to finalize after a stutter and I’ve found it difficult. And The vocals “ the sun greeting us from above “ I don’t think it fits all that well with the track and the one distortion right at the beginning.
I wanna just say that it still seems like a 90% completed track structure wise? Defiant of the audio levels your have’n issues with, but I straight loved listen to it,? the 5 times I did?, and the other 10 Ill give it a listen.
permalink   slumberlords Wed, Dec 5, 2007 @ 12:37 AM
Your vocals are an integral part of this song. The song was completely different until I randomly threw your vocals in there. After that, the song “grew “around those vocals, and I did my best to make them fit around the main beat and bass riff. Your right its no where near completed. Its been like a love/hate relationship song because I love what the song could be, but I just cant get it the way I want it.. and it seems you have noticed that too.

About the “eyes” bit, yeah I would have liked that part to be longer, more fluid, so i just made the “eye” word repeat until it reached the end of the bar.

The vocals are double layered, one of the tracks has your singing “reversed” and looped and panned to the left. Yeah there is a flange wah effect on the main vocals, using korg MDX, and song other native ableton effects. At 2:38 area and 3:28 there is a talk digitizer effect from MDX added - by the end of the song there are about 25 tracks playing simultaneously (I acutally cut this down!!).

Im glad you enjoyed it (at least 90% of it!)