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Reviews for "Mourning Glori Militia Mix"

Mourning Glori Militia Mix
by Sizzy in da Hizzy
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Mon, Dec 27, 2004 @ 12:21 AM

Uses samples from:

Mike Linksvayer
permalink   Tue, Dec 28, 2004 @ 8:57 AM
more hizziness
Future Boy
permalink   Wed, Dec 29, 2004 @ 9:52 AM
Again with the short attention span. I just can’t deal when the juxtapositions are that intense. I mean, it’d be one thing if you were juxtaposing really wacked out shit, but you are juxtaposing what sound like canned beats or maybe just untweaked samples, so it’s more like flipping between different dance stations on the radio than anything else.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
permalink   Sat, Jan 8, 2005 @ 7:52 PM
I appreciate the approach. I love mellowed out, lounged up, aggresive chillin, etc. The only problems were the abrupt looping or mis-looping. I dont know if that was intentional or not, but it ain’t working!!!! In addition, I couldn’t find an ultimate direction of the piece even though the overall groove was decent.
permalink   Sun, Jan 30, 2005 @ 1:53 PM
I don’t know, I’ve been listen to Sizzy again and I’m loving it. I guess I’m just in the right mood for the fractured funk.