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Reviews for "Message dans le répondeur"

Message dans le répondeur
by s.c.mixer
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Sat, Jun 9, 2007 @ 4:25 PM

Samples are used in:

permalink   Sun, Jun 10, 2007 @ 11:11 AM

s . c . m i x e r you understood so well

the sound idea of the phone message is fantastic


the beat is Great the melody too…
permalink   BOCrew Thu, Jun 14, 2007 @ 4:36 PM
Your rmx is very dancing and I like my voice like that. I travel with your sounds. So thank you.

Miel from the BOCrew
permalink   s.c.mixer Thu, Jun 14, 2007 @ 6:14 PM
I’m glad you liked the remix! And thanks for your comments!
Really “travel” with my sounds?
This remix is not very complex indeed, I think we can get better! ;)
Uncool Bob
permalink   Mon, Jun 25, 2007 @ 1:59 PM
;-) like your sarcasm and the smooth mix. I haven’t listened carefully but I guess it’s something about feeding the cat and not forgetting to hang up the washing.

…brings to mind the first track on innerzone orchestra/”programmed” :-)
permalink   s.c.mixer Tue, Jun 26, 2007 @ 3:53 PM
Thanks for your review!
That was no sarcasm at all! :P Just that the mix left me a “it could be better” feeling.

P.S. couldn’t understand that cat joke, but never mind :)
permalink   Uncool Bob Wed, Jun 27, 2007 @ 4:17 AM
sorry about the sarcasm and cat jokes.

I thought any track with French spoken word was by definition pretentious!

And the cat joke: since many people don’t speak French, you can get away with absolutely anything (“I bought some toilet roll but it was the wrong colour for my bathroom”)

still loving your Blue Mind…
permalink   s.c.mixer Wed, Jun 27, 2007 @ 8:13 PM
It all makes sense now! :D
permalink   Mon, Jun 25, 2007 @ 2:23 PM
I like this smooth, house track. I think it sounds really cool. The little glock/vibraphone type melodic device is a neat sound in and of itself, but perhaps fits in just the slightest bit imperfectly in the mix. The telephone vocal fx are perfect, and the use of telephone samples to enhance it really works for me. I love this kind of chill house, and am glad you gave Miel’s great vocal this wonderful treatment.
permalink   s.c.mixer Tue, Jun 26, 2007 @ 4:01 PM
Glad you liked it!

The vibraphone-like sound is indeed a “piano drop”, composed by two notes separated by a few milliseconds; that’s why it may sound like fitting imperfectly! ;)
permalink   Sun, Nov 18, 2007 @ 8:03 AM
well done in all respects
Dan S.
permalink   Fri, Jan 18, 2008 @ 12:15 PM
I just wanted to tell you I chose your track for my mix album “Cathayist ccMixtape Vol. 1”.

You can see the thread and download link here:

Keep up the good music!
Dj Fadi Harb
permalink   Mon, Feb 25, 2008 @ 12:53 PM
what’s up man thanks for your comment on my mix….
i love your track its a beautiful chill out track and i love the intro, keep up the good work, im working on more tracks in my spare time so hopefully i’ll have something new by next week cheers
permalink   Thu, May 15, 2008 @ 10:36 AM
just got to hear this…very impressed!! well done.