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Reviews for "No Meaning No (Oak Idol Remix)"

No Meaning No (Oak Idol Remix)
by oakidol
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Mon, Jan 17, 2005 @ 7:19 PM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Mon, Jan 17, 2005 @ 3:26 PM
Great sounds. Good beats. IMO I didn’t care for the horns at 0:50. But the drums at the end totally make up for that. Thought the ending was exceptional.
permalink   oakidol Mon, Jan 17, 2005 @ 5:22 PM

the horns are a bit jacked up honestly, so you must have a good ear. I got a little lazy with them. When I first layed them down they had an almost dizzying effect when going along with the piano. Then I decided to tweak the EQ of the piano to further serperate it from the high hat, because they were actually the same sample, just laid out on to different tracks with different EQs. I still think it’s good though, and i’m somewhat of a perfectionist, so I just decided to leave it alone.
Future Boy
permalink   Tue, Jan 18, 2005 @ 4:12 PM
I totally dig what you are doing here. But the mix starts to sound kind of stuffy after a while. That might be coming from whatever sound you are using to do the rhythm stabs. Actually, it might just be the reverb on the kick. I’m not entirely sure.
permalink   Wed, Jan 19, 2005 @ 12:06 AM
Great drum work on this one. Nothing but energy all the way…
I’m not sure how I feel about the overall mix. Nice job though.
Cezary Ostrowski
permalink   Thu, Jan 20, 2005 @ 5:56 AM
Well chopped. Fat. Boyish. Slim. :)
Prof. m.Stereo
permalink   Thu, Jan 20, 2005 @ 5:55 PM
Sometimes remember me the earlier Prefuse stuff, from the vocal studies. Need some adjustements on the mix.
The bass drums are too loud. Try to make the snares more high pitched. I think that the guilty of the mudiness of this mix is a lot of reverb on the kicks.
Energetic meal. Chopsticks anyone?