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Reviews for "Embrace the Taste - Snowflake (electron boms trance mix)"

Embrace the Taste - Snowflake...
by electron_boms
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Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 8:35 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 9:09 AM
the intro is magical! what a great vocal treatment. i’d love to know what tools you used. a great arrangement with very cool sounds throughout. and what a dynamic!

donation made - thanks for participating in the Remix Me Challenge to help ccMixter :)
permalink   electron_boms Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 9:18 AM
Thank you! My tools: Yamaha keyboard and some synthesizers (vocals: RV-7 reverb, RV7000 and a vocoder) in Reason. You have a wonderful voice that inspires me!
permalink   Snowflake Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 10:08 AM
Cool tools. You are too kind :)
permalink   Mon, Feb 9, 2015 @ 9:43 AM
I do agree with Snowflake :)