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Furture (bw remix)
by backwedge
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Sun, Jun 3, 2007 @ 4:37 PM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Tue, Jun 5, 2007 @ 12:46 AM
Good variety while maintaining a consistent feel, nice fit to the pella. Just curious as to what gear you used, and if the scratching/guitar/etc. was recorded for the track specifically or sampled? A little high-frequency-happy for my ears, but that’s just me… Welcome aboard!
permalink   backwedge Tue, Jun 5, 2007 @ 3:54 AM
thxs for the review..all the sounds on the track are samples uploaded or made on magix syns(like vitas &revolta)/drum machine(robota)/DnB machine/beat box/copper and silver syn plus a few magix cd soundpools.
Normally I do a lot of rock in all forms but thought I would try something different….regards BW