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Reviews for "Reflections on the State of European Chamber Music in the early 21st Century"

Reflections on the State of E...
by annabloom
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Wed, Oct 3, 2012 @ 3:56 PM
permalink   Wed, Oct 3, 2012 @ 4:49 PM
There’s a chamber music concert in the old church ten minute’s walk up the road couple Sundays from now. Wanna go? If it’s anywhere near as captivating as this it’ll be time/money well spent. (It’s the Berklee Chamber Players, there’s promise of integrated electronics, I’m hopeful.)
My Free Mickey
permalink   Wed, Oct 3, 2012 @ 10:08 PM
Very nice work, love the creepy, dark tragic “end of the world” mood.
Wired Ant
permalink   Fri, Oct 5, 2012 @ 4:55 AM
Antennas catched reflections and sending out amusement
permalink   Sun, Oct 14, 2012 @ 1:30 AM
Spooky musical journey, A
One of the effects/cuts sounded like coughing … very cool
+++ A.M. mews by MommaLuv +++
permalink   Tue, Oct 23, 2012 @ 11:12 AM
merci ;)