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Reviews for "Lovebeam"

by TheDICE
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Sat, May 19, 2012 @ 8:01 PM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Sat, May 19, 2012 @ 9:46 PM
The world can always use some more.
i like this a lot!!
permalink   TheDICE Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 8:54 AM
Thanks SlowStarter :)
permalink   Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 3:47 AM
i LOVE this! great vocal from MMT and a perfect B/T from you.
permalink   TheDICE Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 9:15 AM
Thanks panu! :) glad you appreciated this attempt to learn something new (and have some fun).
permalink   Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 5:13 AM
Ah ah! funny indeed. Enchanting and ironic pella by MMT, beautiful Disney soundtrack (with fxxs), big ending.
permalink   TheDICE Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 9:16 AM
Thanks Carosone. glad you appreciated this one :)
Wired Ant
permalink   Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 5:55 AM
Scotty, engage the Laugh Beam to the Beam of Love cores! We will have a good time there!

Excellent job Cpt. Diceman!
Lotta cheers of the whole crew of the Anterprise
permalink   TheDICE Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 9:17 AM
LOL, thanks my friend :))
I tried to create something childish, was fun! And now let’s back to the rock ^^
permalink   Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 7:25 AM
Aural anime sparkles. Definitely smile inducing. Child-like in the good way. Very very cool.
permalink   TheDICE Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 9:21 AM
Thanks Speck. glad you listened and smiled :)
Kara Square
permalink   Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 8:44 AM
I…(wait for it…) LOVE THIS! What a fantastic, mood-lifting, enchanting remix! And of course, the purrrrrrring at the end really seals the deal for the likes of me. You did such a great job pitch shifting the vox… Did you notice that some of the ‘loves’ sound like seagulls? Thanks for playing with this. Thoroughly enjoyable.
permalink   TheDICE Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 9:14 AM
I’m happy you liked my crazy remix, born in weird circumstances! :D While I was doing this, I imagined that you were running around dressed like a superhero, shooting “beams” to the evil people. ahah. I’m a nerd -_-

Anyway, i didnt noticed the seagulls! Maybe i cutted too much the end of the word “love” in some points. Need investigate that seagull problem.

Thanks for listening, MInd Map That!
permalink   Kara Square Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 11:00 AM
Oh no! I LIKE the seagull sound! And it might just be my imagination! Your superhero description is so wonderful… I, too, am quite a nerd.
permalink   TheDICE Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 11:32 AM
I’m sorry for my deficit in english, my friend! Sometimes I misunderstand. Now it’s all clear, thanks mmt :)
Jacob Nowak
permalink   Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 10:18 AM
I can see butterflies… such a great track Francesco. What you did here is REALLY AMAZING. Just want to fall in love again:)
permalink   Mon, May 21, 2012 @ 5:19 PM
Very nice track! Đ¢his music is full of positive energy! I downloade this beautiful song in my collection :)))