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Reviews for "When I walk with you (SpliffValley lateNite edit)"

When I walk with you (Spliff...
by spliffvalley
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Sun, Aug 30, 2009 @ 6:40 AM

Uses samples from:

ditto ditto
permalink   Mon, Aug 31, 2009 @ 7:41 AM
Yes, this is very good.

Great construction, and exceptional guitars. The cellos pizzi are excellent too. Really love the way that the instruments appear. And this work makes me think (but really think), to the work of a famous member of this site..An incredible family resemblance..!!!
permalink   spliffvalley Mon, Aug 31, 2009 @ 11:23 AM
thx a lot for your review.
Benjamin Orth
permalink   Sun, Jan 10, 2010 @ 3:18 PM
This is really cool! Especially the chilly bassline.