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In Absentia (Trio)
by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
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Thu, May 25, 2017 @ 4:13 PM

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permalink   Fri, May 26, 2017 @ 3:26 AM
Very nice. Goes great with the gentle rain this morning.
permalink   Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) Fri, May 26, 2017 @ 7:35 AM
Thank you Speck
permalink   Fri, Jun 2, 2017 @ 4:50 AM
Beautiful. Really lovely tones. Sounds like a fretless bass? Very much enjoyed this—many thanks!

Forgive late response to this: forgot to update my email on ccMixter so have not been receiving notifications for some time. Also been ill for several months & only just catching up.
permalink   Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) Fri, Jun 2, 2017 @ 7:00 AM
Thanks Javo, appreciated. I hope you feel better soon!