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Crowded Rooms
by Duco
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Sun, Apr 10, 2016 @ 3:03 AM
permalink   Sun, Apr 10, 2016 @ 9:21 PM
Nice pella. Look forward to more from you. Video Link
permalink   Duco Sun, Apr 10, 2016 @ 10:11 PM
Thanks for your work bro, I appreciate it.
I am glad you like the pella’s.
I worry, as it only takes me a couple hours to write the song, so I always worry if my lyrics are “dope” enough.
Thanks man!
permalink   writersam123 Mon, Apr 11, 2016 @ 7:44 AM
Stop worrying bro your work is a pleasure to produce. I like the challenge talented artists present and do my part to get their works heard via YouTube. I spend no more than 1 hour to complete each and every video production, thereby am able to support as many musos as yourself. All the best to you and yours mate…
permalink   Tue, Jan 14, 2020 @ 12:38 AM
I didn’t fully appreciate how open and honest these lyrics were til I mixed them. Like me, until about two months ago, it seems like you’re taking a CCmixter break. Every pell you put out was remixed by someone except this one. So now everything you’ve made on has been remixed on

It’s a good pell with multiple messages, and it has many layers. In a way I’ve disturbed the message by repeating your bridge later in my song… but still how you delivered it is very nice. I won’t be able to upload your song for a few days but I’ll also be doing some original record scratching on it and already have an original drum beat under it.

The BPM for this song seems to be between 88 BPM and 89.330

88 BPM fits the “bridge” at the beginning of the song. But the raps needed adjustment. (mine always need some adjustment, so this is NOT a dis)