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Playlist: Sage Songs

Sage Songs
created by SackJo22 Saturday, August 23, 2014 @ 5:08 PM
Sage Songs is a collection of songs written out of my experience working with the IChing, an ancient Chinese technique used for understanding the cosmic consciousness that infuses all.

Sage consciousness expressed through the IChing has provided me not only with insight, but also with techcniques for moving forward in my life with awareness, conscientiousness, and kindness. There are many teachers and teachings who write about the IChing. Like any system, it has features that work better for some than others. For me, it has been one of the most valuable foundations upon which my path of growth and development is supported.
From the IChing I have learned that transformation is not the same as change; transformation endures.

Resources include:

The Cosmic Way by Anthony and Moog
Total IChing Myths for Change
The Toltec IChing
and various internet sites referenced for deeper understanding of the work as needed.

Thank you to all of the musicians, artists, producers and listeners who contribute to this work. Much love and gratitude to you. — Susan (aka SackJo22)