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I have started producing music since more than 15 years ago but never get it to a professional level. I always considered it to be my hobby, my passion which I cultivate quite often.

I started for fun with the infamous Fast Tracker running on a DOS 486 computer, making more noise than music.
Sampling at the time was difficult and internet was not broadly available so keep my music for me and never get someone else to listen to it.

A while ago I almost stopped to pursue any publishing of my tracks due to my job, but aFter 1 year of absence I felt I had to give it or lose it for ever: my heart said it and I revolutionized my home and set a proper studio.

I am now trying to make it more than a hobby, publishing and sharing my music with the rest of the world to have some constructive criticism and why not, some live act in the future.
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Wed, Dec 20, 2006
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