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Zep Hurme:
Thu, May 25 10:40 AM Bugs :: Back Online. Put bugs & issues here
... seems like its on http:\\ ... using https resolves it.
Thu, May 25 10:38 AM Bugs :: Back Online. Put bugs & issues here
I'm getting error "cchost.js (5): SyntaxError: Unexpected token ')' on many pa...
Fri, Jun 8 11:08 AM Announcements :: Adaptation Most Awesomist Mixters
Thanks. Nice to part of such a nice event. Nice.
Thu, Oct 26 2:55 PM Announcements :: Ghost Notes
Checked out the LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale) of the first track and it's -4d...
Thu, Oct 26 2:36 PM Announcements :: Ghost Notes
Cool, but way too distorted processing to listen to, imho.
Thu, Aug 10 4:52 AM Bugs :: player not working
Yeah. Allow-list is not working.
Sat, Aug 5 3:00 AM DIY :: Bass, kicks and and low frequency audio
All fine recommendations, Fisherman. This is how I treat the low end quite of...
Thu, Aug 3 6:45 AM Bugs :: player not working
I've sent a query to the head honchos with a link to this thread. We'll see what...
Mon, Jul 31 9:53 PM Bugs :: player not working
Same here (Chrome). Beta site's player works though, but personally I don't like...
Sun, Jan 15 2:28 AM The Big OT :: music production jokes
Old but still a good one: - What do you call someone who hangs around with mu...
Sun, Jan 15 2:23 AM The Big OT :: music production jokes
A vocalist walked past a liquor store.
Wed, Jan 11 11:36 AM Announcements :: Call Out for New Editors
Nice! Good shit to work on. Will trash them soon(ish) ;) Week or two.
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