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Kara inhaled the cock in front of her, sucking it hard and fast. She moved and bobbed her head quickly, sucking and moaning with reckless abandon. She stroked the two cocks with her hands in rhythm with her blowjob toppornsites. She kept blowing, sucking and fucking with her mouth as fast as she could. It wasn’t long before she was slobbering and spitting on it. The guys were shocked at how fast she was taking the first cock in her mouth. Only two minutes into her intense blow job, the first cock shot his load down Kara’s throat. She gulped it down quickly and turned her attention to the next hard cock. “Next,” Kara said with a devilish grin The next guy didn’t wait for an invitation and decided to just shove it into her waiting mouth. He rammed his cock to the back of Kara’s mouth, repeatedly fucking her with his cock. She deepthroated it easily, taking it all in. She let him fuck her mouth for a minute before pulling him out and switching to another cock.
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