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Reviews left by wellman

Mon, Aug 30 9:21 AM wellman review of The Song Remains the Same (Mr Williams) by Snowflake
VEry good job S. The mix sounds good to me! You are really very creative... and...
Mon, Aug 30 9:12 AM wellman review of Love Will Open Your Heart_ Dance Mix by J.Lang
Pretty cool man... excellent bass excellent beat... and you still conserve the s...
Mon, Aug 30 8:56 AM wellman review of We Have Choice (all non-sinusoidal waveforms are born free) by gmz
Very well done man!
Mon, Aug 30 8:40 AM wellman review of Blues Riff A Szobámban by error404
YEah!! THat's what I've been talking about!
Mon, Aug 30 8:39 AM wellman review of Gone by The Mulletz
Great music man.... the intro is really nice!
Fri, Aug 27 1:23 PM wellman review of Dear Mr. Williams (Electro Remix) by electrodeaf
Sounds to me like a sad symphony for a sad Sir.... hehehe Very good man! I r...
Wed, Aug 25 3:39 PM wellman review of Unleash My Song- The Echoed Treatment by J.Lang
Really cool man! Really cool!
Tue, Aug 24 8:09 AM wellman review of Waffer Thin by Alex
Very good alex, nice chords!
Tue, Aug 24 8:06 AM wellman review of Wake up and get into the groove by J.Lang
Hey.. I just will say that I will name this: The Manifesto Great work!
Thu, Aug 19 7:26 AM wellman review of Man from Omaha by unreal_dm
Very well done man!
Tue, Aug 17 3:56 PM wellman review of Kyrie Eleison by electrodeaf
This is really good man!!!!
Tue, Aug 17 3:17 PM wellman review of Sexpionage (Slamin' Mix) by commmorancy
This track is really fun! I cant help but move my feet since the beginning to th...