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Reviews left by vo1k1

Thu, Nov 19 7:59 AM vo1k1 review of To Be Scared by fourstones
Find myself listening to this quite a bit
Fri, Feb 20 5:31 AM vo1k1 review of Parametaphoriquement by gmz
One of the best listens I've had in a long time - love this.
Fri, Feb 20 5:28 AM vo1k1 review of The Business of existing by radiotimes
Just listened to this - early morning. Gorgeous and poignant gem of music.
Tue, Feb 17 9:39 AM vo1k1 review of Return of the Sun after Sulrty Night by irish4t
You really owned this - love it - putting it into heavy rotation
Tue, Feb 17 9:01 AM vo1k1 review of JON in the Box (Secret Stylistic mix) by duckett
Outstandingly fun and groovy - fantastic listen - teach me how to do that - kudo...
Mon, Sep 1 7:32 PM vo1k1 review of Nervous Breakdown by hiddenface
Nice atmosphere and sound design - happy to have found this!
Mon, Sep 1 7:15 PM vo1k1 review of Eurydice by Subliminal
The harmonic movement in this is beautiful - thanks for including the MIDI file!
Mon, Sep 1 6:39 PM vo1k1 review of Wataru Lights by morgantj
Wow, this is fun to listen to. I love the way that beat sequence emerges in the ...
Mon, Sep 1 6:26 PM vo1k1 review of One foot, One Mule, One You by radiotimes
I'm really enjoying listening to this - a nice song to top summer off with. The ...
Mon, Sep 1 6:10 PM vo1k1 review of WE R 1 by Loveshadow
Mmmmmmm, delicious. I love it that there are 3 mixes - they are all going on my ...
Sat, Aug 16 4:11 PM vo1k1 review of Disjointed (ft. Amelia June) by PorchCat
Really nice ambient-ness to this. Subconsciously and subversively moody.
Sat, Aug 16 3:03 PM vo1k1 review of Where I Stand by Alex077
What great song writing and production - nice! So polished - but complements and...
Sat, Aug 16 2:57 PM vo1k1 review of Blue by Leaf
Love the beauty and pace of the intro. Really nice detail and subtlety in the so...
Sat, Aug 16 2:52 PM vo1k1 review of The ground's on fire (feat. Kristin Hersh) by Geert Veneklaas
I like this very much as well. I can not tell if this is intentional, but the tr...
Fri, Aug 15 7:15 PM vo1k1 review of Virtual Melody by virtualdjmax
Nice track! The stark arrangement and production seems intentional and effective...