Reviews left by urmymuse

Sat, Sep 11 11:49 AM urmymuse review of The Black Sheep, The Dark Horses by debbizo
discordant in a good way, enjoyed!
Sat, Sep 11 10:18 AM urmymuse review of Day After The War by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, this is great. The piano sets the mood and then the various vocals buil...
Sun, Sep 5 8:28 AM urmymuse review of Freedom in my voice by Carosone
the sitar / guitar riffs are great. Agree that the duet idea works very well als...
Thu, Aug 26 2:00 PM urmymuse review of A Tentative Return by Fireproof_Babies
Hey FPB ... for the avoidance of doubt you can still play that thing. Really gla...
Thu, Aug 19 2:35 PM urmymuse review of Dear Mr Williams (I am a Songwriter) by Ivan Chew
Cheers Ivan ... well done on bringing so many voices together, so well. Long liv...
Tue, Aug 17 2:34 PM urmymuse review of Black Is The Color by DeBenedictis
Its been a year since I last looked out over the Clyde ... next time i am there,...
Tue, Aug 10 3:35 PM urmymuse review of Feb Part 1 - Lift me up by Carosone
Hi Carosone I just heard this thru Sackjo22's mixing kitchen .... it is just stu...
Wed, Aug 4 3:00 PM urmymuse review of Lonely Space Scout by Fireproof_Babies
Space synth, space lyrics, out of this world delivery, grounded with real drums ...
Fri, Jul 23 9:49 AM urmymuse review of The Wind of Sighs by Briareus
oooh yes like this a lot very ethereal,hypnotic, enjoyed the vid too.
Sun, Jul 18 10:24 AM urmymuse review of A Beautiful Creature by debbizo
Great poem enhanced by the remix treatemnt. Bravo!
Sun, Jul 18 10:13 AM urmymuse review of She Will Know (ft. snowflake) by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, very effective reworking of the track. As FPB says , nicely restrained.
Sat, Jul 17 1:51 AM urmymuse review of Sunrise (Dimlight Remix) by Dimlight
liked the piano alot, nice work
Sat, Jul 17 1:38 AM urmymuse review of Big Up by texasradiofish
Big up indeed, top job
Sat, Jul 17 1:22 AM urmymuse review of IN A Groove by copperhead
reggaetastic tune, works really well
Fri, Jul 16 4:07 PM urmymuse review of Sweet Rockin' Rose by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan your strat is doing v good service backing up Panu here. Top notch