Momentum Secret Mixter Playlist

Reviews left by urmymuse

Sun, Mar 11 12:20 PM urmymuse review of Running by Snowflake
Pounding, bouncing, crazy .... nice :)
Sun, Mar 11 12:17 PM urmymuse review of Yesterday's Secret by texasradiofish
super funky hilariousness !
Sun, Mar 11 12:01 PM urmymuse review of Suffer Someday by Scomber
Ta v much Scomber this is great Loved the story of your note book from six y...
Sun, Mar 11 11:55 AM urmymuse review of Between Atoms, Between Stars by Ivan Chew
Top music to enjoy whilst floating in a tin can, far above the world :)
Sat, Nov 4 2:26 AM urmymuse review of Night Has a Thousand Eyes (ft. Aussens@iter) by Ivan Chew
Great remix Ivan good to hear your singing again
Thu, Oct 19 12:42 PM urmymuse review of March of the Frogs (Cinematic Instrumental) by Ivan Chew
Great concept Ivan, sounds really ominous! Very cool touch at the end PS wonder...
Wed, Oct 18 12:00 PM urmymuse review of just a dream within a dream by Stefan Kartenberg
Yes very good, agree your vocals take it up a notch :)
Wed, Oct 18 11:57 AM urmymuse review of Lucid by Rizkey G
Great track, worthy of the artist formerly known as ...
Fri, Sep 15 1:00 PM urmymuse review of The winter of my days (ft Doxent) by robwalkerpoet
"The best I could do was to put some simple shakuhachi with his piano. " Well s...
Fri, Sep 15 12:23 PM urmymuse review of Selfduckettance by Siobhan Dakay
Fri, Sep 15 12:06 PM urmymuse review of nightWalk by airtone
Dreamy nightwalk! captivating!!!
Wed, Sep 13 12:49 PM urmymuse review of One Life (with MykleAnthony) by Mana Junkie
loving it! feels real if that makes sense :)
Wed, Sep 13 12:42 PM urmymuse review of Transmutation by Kara Square
am loving it forward and in reverse :)
Wed, Sep 13 12:35 PM urmymuse review of Leaves of Rain (AussenDuckett Mix) by duckett
me the wife and kids play a game in the autumn called "catch the leaf" ... it in...
Wed, Sep 13 12:26 PM urmymuse review of Deep Room by Vidian
Banging!!! Fun !!! Energy !!! Evolving !!! loved it !!!