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Alex reared back and pounced, his lips and tongue met squarely on her sensitive button. Brittany screamed in delight and wrapped her legs around his head while giggling with glee He sucked forcefully on the blonde’s nerve center, flicking it with his tongue as she rocked her hips against his face, her laughter quickly transforming to moans of pleasure. He quickly put two fingers in his mouth and moistened them, then probed Brittany’s tightness under his chin and slowly pushed into her. He curled his fingers and massaged her from the inside, feeling the ridges and soft spongy warmth of her virgin pussy. Brittany cried out again and he felt her start to tremor. He drove his fingers in and out of her with more force while tracing shapes around her clit with his tongue The tremors turned into quakes as the schoolgirl howled and then clenched. She dug her heels into Alex’s back and then arched, lifting her ass completely off the bed using Alex as leverage while pushing his face tightly into her throbbing cunt.
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