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Reviews left by tripledoubler

Fri, Jun 8 9:12 AM tripledoubler review of So Beautiful RMX by sgrunt
Very nice track, I really enjoyed it. It´s a well done mix and a very nice arra...
Wed, Jun 6 9:23 AM tripledoubler review of Dakar to Paris To NY to Detroit by BOCrew
BOCrew drops tons of very nice styles again and this is a very nice track again,...
Mon, May 28 1:18 AM tripledoubler review of October - mellow house by teru
this should have airplay, it`s very sweet and jazzy and well done.
Mon, May 28 1:13 AM tripledoubler review of Visions by _ghost
This is a very well done triphop track. I especially like the easy and deep groo...
Mon, May 28 1:09 AM tripledoubler review of Kickin by Analog By Nature
kickin`ass with a downtempo battle ;) I like it.
Fri, May 25 6:13 AM tripledoubler review of February (Quodliphonik Remix) by Kevin Daoust
This is a very great track, I really enjoy it.
Fri, May 25 6:05 AM tripledoubler review of April (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
I think you did a very well done pop-track. I guess you could improve the mixing...
Fri, May 25 5:41 AM tripledoubler review of All I Do - DjiZ_RMX by Kwame
It`s simple, it`s effective and epic, too. Very nice track, DJIZ! I like it :)
Thu, May 24 4:39 PM tripledoubler review of O' My Lord (Electric Gospel Mix) by KCentric
O`Lord, this is a nice track. It makes you want join the church of KCentricity! ...
Mon, May 21 3:38 PM tripledoubler review of disconect Zeb 3/Disco party by BOCrew
Bowwowwow, this is damn hot, every inch of the club is getting smokey, learning ...
Mon, May 21 3:32 PM tripledoubler review of April..Breaker Breaker 19 mix by J.Lang
damn nice, dj lang, it reminds me of lisa stansfield at her best. the efx on the...
Mon, May 21 3:21 PM tripledoubler review of Love Me (Bossatron Mix) by SabreTruth_Crew
this is very nice, I like the cool bassy sound and the great arrangement. it has...
Mon, Apr 30 7:19 AM tripledoubler review of Whatever/beat two the sun by BOCrew
BOCrew rules, again! It`s all been said, this track is really great. I always l...
Sun, Apr 22 1:42 PM tripledoubler review of "Hip-Hop" by Analog By Nature
great lyrics, nice beat, nice one.
Sun, Apr 22 1:36 PM tripledoubler review of atmospheric BODDYKER by BOCrew
Very nice sound, great arrangement, great vocals. I´m gonna open my window and ...