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Reviews left by Aussens@iter

Fri, May 18 12:54 AM Aussens@iter review of I don’t want to adapt by Stefan Kartenberg
This is great! Nicely done!
Fri, May 18 12:50 AM Aussens@iter review of Swanston Street (ft. Tobias Weber) by robwalkerpoet
Very nice! Many thanks for including me! :)
Mon, May 14 12:17 PM Aussens@iter review of Talfahrt by texasradiofish
Very nice shift from the rythmic structure of the original version! Great Remix!
Mon, May 14 12:16 PM Aussens@iter review of Adaptation Is Surrender by Speck
I'd Ed-Pick this right away! Very nice layed-back vocal. Your voice and the lyri...
Mon, May 14 12:11 PM Aussens@iter review of Adaptation Is Surrender (pell) by Speck
Very nice songwriting and vocal stem!!!
Mon, May 14 12:09 PM Aussens@iter review of How could you treat me this way by Stefan Kartenberg
YEAH! Geiler Scheiß!!!!! :)
Sat, May 12 2:23 AM Aussens@iter review of Age of AI by Kara Square
Hi Kara, first of all, many thanks for this song! I've had a lot of fun playi...
Fri, May 11 12:22 PM Aussens@iter review of Menthol by Calyman
Damn! The bass is fantastic! Sounds pretty awesome!
Fri, May 11 11:07 AM Aussens@iter review of Tongue Hewn Jello by Speck
Wow! Impressive wall of sounds! Many thanks for including me!
Sun, Apr 29 8:11 AM Aussens@iter review of Age Of AI (Time Without Flesh And Bone mix) by Speck
This is great! Very nice deep-dive into the topic!
Thu, Apr 26 8:40 AM Aussens@iter review of The Singularity Adapted by Mr_Yesterday
Oh! I didn't know you have so much rock in your voice! Also, your vocal sits nic...
Mon, Apr 23 1:49 PM Aussens@iter review of Rooted in Soil by texasradiofish
Very nice additions! Many thanks for playing with me!
Sat, Apr 21 12:46 AM Aussens@iter review of It is pretty to think by Stefan Kartenberg
Sat, Apr 21 12:34 AM Aussens@iter review of svelte by urmymuse
Very nice! Reminds me of The Cure a bit... :)
Mon, Apr 2 7:04 AM Aussens@iter review of Inside Embrace by Speck
I recognize the bass! :) Gonna have to listen to this a few more times, cause th...