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Aussens@iter (tobias_weber):

Reviews left by Aussens@iter

Sun, Jul 23 2:40 AM Aussens@iter review of Funkin' with Tobias by texasradiofish
Very nice use of samples from different sources! Thank you very much for using m...
Sun, Jul 2 12:31 AM Aussens@iter review of Arc de Triomphe by Stefan Kartenberg
This is really great!!!
Sun, Jul 2 12:30 AM Aussens@iter review of Uke to Your Heart's Content by Kara Square
Very, very nice, Kara! This reminded me of a song that Eddie Vedder wrote for th...
Sun, Jul 2 12:11 AM Aussens@iter review of Slow Lane (Instrumental) by Siobhan Dakay
Simply beautiful!
Sun, Jul 2 12:05 AM Aussens@iter review of Neo Soul Day by texasradiofish
Very nice! Thank you so much, guys! :)
Sun, Jun 25 5:23 AM Aussens@iter review of 28 Aussens@iten by Stefan Kartenberg
Very, very nice! Thank you so much for taking my song to a higher level!
Mon, May 8 5:53 PM Aussens@iter review of Missing Person by Stefan Kartenberg
Tue, Mar 14 12:43 PM Aussens@iter review of Democrazy by Kara Square
Another great one! I have sooo much fun everytime I remix one of your songs. Tha...
Thu, Mar 2 12:20 PM Aussens@iter review of Hypothetically by Doxent Zsigmond
Sorry Doxent, I didn`t get this remix. Very interesting to hear the song with di...
Mon, Jan 9 7:00 AM Aussens@iter review of 4 Guitars by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow, that sounds awesome. The effects work together nicely with the groove you g...
Tue, Nov 1 1:38 AM Aussens@iter review of 4 Real by Hans Atom
How much lipstick and hairspray did you use for this remix? :) Nice composition ...
Sun, Oct 30 12:57 PM Aussens@iter review of Counted in Percentages by Kara Square
This is dope... Amazing how you dive into a song to make it your own like Hangin...
Sun, Oct 30 11:23 AM Aussens@iter review of So Long Since I Held You (Mix Constellations) by Bluemillenium
Awesome use of guitars for this remix! Sounds great!
Sun, Oct 30 11:20 AM Aussens@iter review of Quarkstar inspiraciĆ³n by Zep Hurme
Okay, now even MY feet want to dance to this one. :) Great remix!
Sun, Oct 30 11:15 AM Aussens@iter review of Shimmering Image by Speck
Sounds like a flowchart of thoughts going thru my mind. :) Very nice!