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Diddy says Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Booty’ is a ‘work of art’ Kim Kardashian can’t match

Years subsequent to the music mogul’s love affair with Jennifer Lopez, he is boasting about her present success, particularly the launch of her recent “Booty” music video.

“I’m so blessed to have that wonderful girl within my history. She’s among the best I have ever seen.”

The 44-year old entrepreneur before they parted ways soon following a club shooting incident outdated Lopez for a couple of years.

When host Billy Bush proposed he get her back in his history, Diddy — who is dating Cassie Ventura since 2007 — replied, “No, no, I am great as a lover.”

However, he could not help but note on Lopez advantages that are voluptuous.

“It is amazing. It is a work of art.

“But also her gift, her drive, her determination,” he added, attempting to carry from your focus on her bodacious bottom before adding, “That matter is simply unbelievable, guy.”

When Kim Kardashian was brought up by Bush, inquiring if she is even in the exact same dialog, Diddy did not hesitate to reply promptly.

“No way!” Bush cried. “No disrespect Kanye, Kim, but that matter right there … that matter right there’s something unique.”
Lopez subsequently had the chance to observe for no in Diddy’s reaction.

“He will remain Puffy in my experience.”
No laughed as she observed his frank feedback.

“As much as puffy roots for herself, I will be just as proud of him,” the 45-year old vocalist said about his success in operation and with his television network Revolt. “I learned a lot from puffy.”
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