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Kevin Follet, he was born in Verona in 21st october 1978. Graduated in Industrial Chemistry at Bologna University, he starts to listen father’s records growing his wide range culture from classic to electronic music. He was born as dj in the 1992 like a joke but after few years it becomes a illness. In the 1994 he decided to makeup a little recording studio, in association with his best friend Dj Kriss Taylor, to learn some technical notions and try to compose something different by the italian musical landscape. His first works was experimental dance music that it keeps a very good feedback, so he found his E.S.P.E.R. records. In the 1997 K.F. tried to evolve his creativity by learning drums and percussions, it gaves to him another tool for composing songs. In the same year cames out his first self-product record called “Harvest People vol.1”, an experimental works compilation that receive a exceptional response from the critics and over 250 copies selled. In the 2001 was born the Hot Chocolate Dj Project, a mobile staff with 4 djs (Kriss Taylor, Gas Trevisani, Nico Malagnini, Kevin Follet), to purpose an absolutely alternative sound out from commercial channels. In his carrer K.F. take part to a lot of events, as like guest, as like resident dj, in Time-Out (Verona, IT, ex. Excalibur,’95-‘96), Berfi’s (Verona, IT, ‘95-‘96), AlterEgo (Verona, IT, ‘97-‘98), Queen/Metropolitan (Verona, IT, ‘94-‘95-‘96), Divine Follie (Verona, IT, ‘97), Lido di Torri (Verona, IT, ‘95-‘96), Robot (Brescia,IT, ‘95-‘96), Dangerous Hotel (Trento,IT, ‘96), Crystal (Verona, IT, 2002-2003), Le Cupole (Verona, IT, 2003), il Gatto Nero (Verona, IT, 2000-2001-2002), Sesto Senso (Bologna, 2004), Catalisi (Brescia, 2004) and festivals like Street Parade (Zurich CH, 2002/2003), Homework Festival V.2.0 (Bologna, IT, 2004), Street Rave Parade 8┬░ed. (Bologna, IT, 2004), Homework Festival v.3.0 (Bologna, IT, 2005), High Foundation’05 (Ferrara,IT,2005),High Foundation’05 Winter Edition (Ferrara,IT,2005), High Foundation’06 (Ferrara,IT,2006). The matrix of K.F. works goes form hard/prog/minimal/tech-house to minimal techno and progressive. Discography Harvest People vol.1 (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 1997) Back To Origins Compilation (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 1998) Hypnotyc - Use and Abuse (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 1998) Logical Proof Compilation (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 1999) Broken Mirror (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 2000) Mermaid (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 2001) Follet In The Dark (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 2002) Tartoise (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 2002) H.D.T.H. Compilation (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 2003) Techno Suicide Compilation (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 2004) 3 tracks on Orbitsound Compilation 001 (1st. Pop, IT ,2004) called Iridium, Dawn without Sun, The Surface of Nothing Bypass The Mindwalls (E.S.P.E.R. recors, 2005)
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