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Mon, Dec 3 10:18 AM mando_curious review of Once outside the Operahouse he felt better but not markedly so by annabloom
+ +
Sun, Dec 2 3:58 PM mando_curious review of Melting Into Silver Snow by Speck
Words coaxed to do the unexpected while the music rises beyond its banks.
Sun, Dec 2 9:04 AM mando_curious review of It’s not Christmas yet. by TheDICE
Now I'm in the mood. Much enjoyed.
Mon, Nov 19 9:08 AM mando_curious review of Get Up by Zep Hurme
Funk me runnin', what's the BPM on this bad boy, 360? Great mix, bruth, with ...
Sun, Nov 18 3:59 PM mando_curious review of Smooth Vocals by IDzeroNo
For suggestions, see your post in the forums. Didn't want to type it twice. Pe...
Sun, Nov 18 3:26 PM mando_curious review of Road of Life by Syenta
Good delivery & timing, and some good ideas in the lyric. Now, the plan is to...
Sun, Nov 18 3:22 PM mando_curious review of Everybody Else by TheDICE
Super good, dood. Great combination of instruments, mixed just right, for a g...
Sun, Nov 18 3:20 PM mando_curious review of Online Busking by Super_Sigil
Really a good alternative holiday feel. Christmasy without being shlurpy. Ni...
Sun, Nov 18 12:29 AM mando_curious review of Jingle Bells by Pitx
Lo mejor, como regular. Beautiful tone, technique, and a big, big heart.
Sun, Nov 18 12:26 AM mando_curious review of The Heart That Beats 4U by Loveshadow
Yet another stone coooold hit. I think that may be because you are yourself a...
Sat, Nov 17 11:58 PM mando_curious review of Martyr Princess and Her Gargoyles by septahelix
A brilliant piece of work and kind of a hip hop trance, too. Perfect for lyin...
Sat, Nov 17 7:50 PM mando_curious review of Pistolero by Vidian
Yep. Brilliant.
Sat, Nov 17 9:06 AM mando_curious review of Girl of my Dreams by Syenta
Sounds good! Definitely miles ahead of most singer/songwriter demos. I under...
Sat, Nov 17 2:11 AM mando_curious review of Jareth by Super_Sigil
After 15 listens this track is addictive, the hookiness goes way deep. I pred...
Sat, Nov 17 2:04 AM mando_curious review of In the Moog with you by radiotimes
Fresh sounding, sexy, and unbeatable for sheer 'driftiness'. Once again, gets...