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An electronic outfit, forging music with passion and attitude. Unapologetic, simple-minded, and devoted, the brothers have taken everything they loved about music while growing up, flipped it on their heads and turned it into something very special. The result is a sound that is vaguely familiar yet totally original. Stealthsonic emerged as the brainchild of Bulgarian Marketing student Vladislav (a.k.a. Freakoftheweek a.k.a. Dragon Daughter a.k.a. Gama Sennin a.k.a. Groove Busta, Mic Cheka & The Mad Deck Wrecka, a.k.a. King Of Quickies, etc.) and was originally a one-man-band, but then he preferred the idea of working together with his twin brother, Svetoslav (a.k.a. Psycrow). Vladislav is heavily involved in the conceptual and organizational end, crafting beats and laying out vague sketches his brother then help expand into full-blown tracks. Ultra-clean production and an economic approach to sampling is what distinguish their music from spliff-tokers and bombasts alike. Stealthsonic do not claim to be innovative, they just follow the blueprint for the dance music popularized by the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers: break beat/trip-hop/downtempo invested with a lot of energy and old-school attitude. The brothers aim to produce caustic, bombastic and thought provoking music, fusing rock-based samples and attitude with elements of house, techno, and club-bound hip-hop, hoping not to be just another big beat act invading the LP realm a couple of years too late.
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