Momentum Secret Mixter Playlist

Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Mar 24 3:23 AM Speck review of Fall Together by texasradiofish
Classically soulful sound. Very nice.
Sun, Mar 24 3:16 AM Speck review of Above The Law by spinningmerkaba
Nice. I can hear that train a comin'.
Sat, Mar 23 3:49 AM Speck review of disEnchantment by airtone
Absolutely beautiful, unforced, natural flow.
Fri, Mar 22 2:41 AM Speck review of here again by panu
Hear, hear.
Thu, Mar 21 3:22 AM Speck review of Do You Miss Me by Apoxode
Very nice. Martijn's bass really shines here. I'm wondering though if it was i...
Wed, Mar 20 3:02 AM Speck review of The Golden Door by texasradiofish
Great production and a wonderful homage to past principles.
Tue, Mar 19 3:55 AM Speck review of Very Model Party 140 by Apoxode
Another chair dancer. Technically impressive and spiritedly expressive. Very muc...
Mon, Mar 18 3:20 AM Speck review of Famous Last Words by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful... content, composition and sound quality.
Thu, Mar 14 4:04 AM Speck review of Vocal stems - Ballad of Black Butterflies by Ivan Chew
No preview = no play button.
Mon, Mar 11 3:50 AM Speck review of swim with wild musical instruments by urmymuse
Nice and bright feel and sound. Good, clear vocal integration too.
Sun, Mar 10 3:52 PM Speck review of I've tried to warn you by dashdotdotdash
Thoroughly engaging indeed. It's freakin' brilliant.
Sat, Mar 9 9:07 AM Speck review of Slow Fade by Mr_Yesterday
I like this very much. So much that I found myself singing along. Hope you do...
Thu, Mar 7 7:58 AM Speck review of Of Secret Things by texasradiofish
Great job creating the barroom atmosphere and the 'live' rock energy.
Thu, Mar 7 7:48 AM Speck review of So.pH.isticated by Apoxode
Very cool and funky chair dance inducer.
Thu, Mar 7 7:32 AM Speck review of Night Groove by Stefan Kartenberg
This feels so good. Nicely done.