inTENtions Remix Event

Reviews left by Speck

Sun, Jan 13 5:49 AM Speck review of ME ROBO EL SHOW MEGA MIX by SoboSystem
Excellent transitions showcase. Nicely done.
Sun, Jan 13 5:39 AM Speck review of Same Destination by Siobhan Dakay
An excellent expressive match with the vocals. Top notch.
Sat, Jan 12 4:55 AM Speck review of hot lite core by panu
A wonderful calmly spirited mix. A real (healthy) treat.
Thu, Jan 10 3:05 AM Speck review of Music is... by SoboSystem
Quite the gathering and a mesmerizing listen.
Thu, Jan 10 2:47 AM Speck review of Classical Future Milkshake by Ivan Chew
Great concept. Good fun. Sounds happy. Well done.
Wed, Jan 9 3:23 AM Speck review of A Foolish Game by Snowlfake (MoEoStAr Remix) by MoEoStar
Very cool. Funky and flavorful.
Wed, Jan 9 3:17 AM Speck review of I Won't Fall by Apoxode
Nice 'n' easy house with a great vocal pairing. Well done.
Tue, Jan 8 4:05 AM Speck review of Mixing Bits Together by Apoxode
Very cool mixing of bits. Much enjoyed.
Sun, Jan 6 5:56 AM Speck review of The Valiant Pilgrim by Radioontheshelf
Very nice. Great fit.
Sun, Jan 6 5:40 AM Speck review of Believe by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautifully realized.
Sun, Jan 6 5:34 AM Speck review of Show Me Dance by Khalaf Nasirs
Excellent sample. Thank you for sharing.
Sun, Jan 6 5:27 AM Speck review of Dust Insane (Speck's Betty) by SoboSystem
Thanks for picking up that vocal. I especially like the 'instrumental' and the d...
Sun, Jan 6 5:03 AM Speck review of Waiting So Long by Apoxode
Music for happy-dancing. Very nice.
Sat, Jan 5 4:26 AM Speck review of Blues Harp by Stefan Kartenberg
Great rockin' blues track. Thanks for sharing, very much enjoyed.
Sat, Jan 5 4:16 AM Speck review of The Betty┬┤s trip (deeplastik vs Dj Paris mix) by Deeplastik
Thanks for choosing that sample to play with. I like how you've enhanced the gra...