Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by Speck

Tue, Sep 29 1:54 AM Speck review of Whatever's Next by Javolenus
Nice, chill session.
Mon, Sep 28 2:52 AM Speck review of Drunk TXT by Scomber
I can't relate to the vocals (btw - NSFW) but I like the music a lot. Very nicel...
Mon, Sep 28 2:25 AM Speck review of COVID 19 by Radioontheshelf
Sounds like a song of worship for an even more dystopian near future. All bow ...
Tue, Sep 22 2:49 AM Speck review of SYS 32768 by Apoxode
Breaks propelled groovyness with playful sample integration. The charge/bugle bi...
Tue, Sep 22 2:40 AM Speck review of November Illusion by Scomber
Very nicely done. But I'm afraid for me the November Illusion is the "get out a...
Tue, Sep 22 2:29 AM Speck review of groovie bass by BeatMachine
Very good. Reminder - if you don't upload an mp3 the player won't show up. The...
Tue, Sep 22 2:26 AM Speck review of Thanks for Morning! by khalafnasirs
Nice one. Thanks for sharing.
Tue, Sep 15 2:19 AM Speck review of Once upon a time by reiswerk
Nicely done, fits the vocals well.
Tue, Sep 15 2:14 AM Speck review of I feel so good by MisaelBarbosa
Not a sample. Please upload stems.
Tue, Sep 15 2:13 AM Speck review of Diana Shalonime by MisaelBarbosa
What an excellent share. Thank you.
Mon, Sep 14 2:32 AM Speck review of Timeout by bangcorrupt
Very cool.
Sun, Sep 13 10:43 AM Speck review of The Speck-tacular Flight of the Firefly by J.Lang
Many thanks for such a lovely mix. I dig it a bunch. Super chill.
Sun, Sep 13 7:33 AM Speck review of Where the Moon Shines Bright by Kara Square
It does not get better. Damn hippies. I miss 'm.
Sun, Sep 13 7:23 AM Speck review of Whistling up my Sleeve by Calling Sister Midnight
Nicely realized (I enjoyed the creation story). And a tasty blend of samples. En...
Sun, Sep 13 7:09 AM Speck review of All That Connect Us by Joel Frijters
This one really kept me glued to the set. I love that. Thanks for that (rare lis...