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Reviews left by SilviaO

Mon, Mar 19 9:49 AM SilviaO review of Tanto Ruido (scmixer trip hop mix) by s.c.mixer
Wow. I'm amazed. Estoy fascinada! This is exactly what I had in mind for this...
Wed, Mar 7 5:01 PM SilviaO review of Te amaré - (DJ Decay Cinematic Mix) by DJDecay
No problema! I love the creative ideas you all put on the songs. It gives me ide...
Wed, Mar 7 9:25 AM SilviaO review of Te amare (Nu Bossa remix) by Klaus_N
Really interesting... you made it more energetic. Great!
Thu, Mar 1 1:25 AM SilviaO review of ditto ditto by ditto ditto
Groovy track! I love the good feelings it brings to me. Happy and uplifting. ...
Thu, Mar 1 1:21 AM SilviaO review of U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix ) by U_F_O
very nice. Makes you wanna dance... a little ;-)
Mon, Dec 11 9:37 PM SilviaO review of Tanto Ruido (minimalmix) by PorchCat
What a wonderful surprise! This is the reason I love CCMixter. I was just about ...
Mon, Dec 4 1:42 AM SilviaO review of hearts erase by penston
Wow! It's been a long time since a new song appeared. Perfect timing... and i...
Sat, Oct 7 4:25 PM SilviaO review of Es Tarde v2.1 by minimal_art
Another interesting take on the song...
Mon, Oct 2 8:32 PM SilviaO review of Tu corazón (Treatment) by fourstones
a perfectly smooth bossa that makes sadness dissapear (even on a day like the on...
Sat, Sep 30 11:27 AM SilviaO review of Tu corazón by minimal_art
What a nice work! And both of you working on it... really nice! I love the ch...
Tue, Sep 26 12:53 PM SilviaO review of Tu Corazon Lounge Mix by Klaus_N
I love to see how you are working on this one... and it's really evolving!
Tue, Sep 26 11:43 AM SilviaO review of es tarde (n.pref remix) by norelpref
Thanks for the song! Nice take on a really complicated tune. I know. ;-)
Tue, Sep 26 11:35 AM SilviaO review of Tu Corazon by Klaus_N
Nice version... I must confess I feel it getting really great nearly 2 minutes b...
Sat, Sep 23 6:52 PM SilviaO review of Be Brave (Darkroom Revamp) by Darkroom
very good track!
Sat, Sep 23 6:51 PM SilviaO review of Sick as a Dog (bs remix) by Ben Shewmaker
Very good track. Slow and moving at the same time... love this combination.