Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by SilviaO

Mon, Oct 15 3:40 PM SilviaO review of Good Bye Mr. Rogers by Analog By Nature
wao!!! I love the's so delicate... Thanks!!!
Thu, Oct 4 1:05 PM SilviaO review of Animal by dgeis
wao!! it is beautiful, I love your version!
Tue, Sep 4 8:49 AM SilviaO review of Leather and Latex by Loveshadow
I didn't know Latex could be so much fun. S&M seems to be highly hypnotic in you...
Tue, Sep 4 8:27 AM SilviaO review of Shadow Games( Radio Mix) by Loveshadow
Amazing! It starts with the same strenght as Closer (NIN), and then it develops ...
Tue, Sep 4 8:07 AM SilviaO review of Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC by Loveshadow
This is the kind of music I like for a slow afternoon, when I feel my senses are...
Mon, Sep 3 11:04 PM SilviaO review of Hear Me by DJ BLUE
Loved the space it creates. I really like this kind of slow moving sounds... Gre...
Sun, Jul 15 7:58 PM SilviaO review of Madrugada(rmx) by savoyard
I love this one. Puts me in a good mood.
Sun, Jul 15 7:51 PM SilviaO review of Crazy Love-The Alex & Lang mix by J.Lang
Very good song. Added to my files.
Sun, Jul 15 7:46 PM SilviaO review of Perfecto [Invert Mix] by Olenergy
Great song!
Sun, Jul 15 7:45 PM SilviaO review of Lovely Childhood by Olenergy
As I told you before, what an amazing work. I really love your take on the song....
Wed, Jul 11 11:12 AM SilviaO review of Nube (corner remix) by Darkroom
Once again you made it. I'm almost in tears with this lovely rendition. You made...
Sun, Jul 8 12:08 PM SilviaO review of Nube (Minimal) by minimal_art
Love the atmosphere... the space it creates. I'm honoured to have once again you...
Sun, May 20 8:00 PM SilviaO review of Nube by oldDog
Sorry for my late comment. It's been very busy... but your creation is beatiful!...
Wed, May 9 11:25 AM SilviaO review of Nada... by bombero
Very beatiful sounds!!!! Love them... Altough I feel the song goes apart from th...
Fri, Apr 20 9:05 PM SilviaO review of Te amaré (scmixer progressive dance mix) by s.c.mixer
I love it!!!! Thanks for turning upside down the feeling... I really like whe...