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Reviews left by SilviaO

Tue, May 8 3:48 PM SilviaO review of Te amare (Ft. Javolenus) by Numeron
I love your version!! The rhythm is fantastic!! many thanks for using my voice.
Sun, Feb 19 8:01 AM SilviaO review of La Ultima Vez by AnimaObscura
I love the atmosphere!! beautiful job!
Wed, Feb 1 8:36 PM SilviaO review of Nube (scmixer frozen wind mix) by s.c.mixer
I love it!! many thanks!!
Mon, Oct 31 7:21 PM SilviaO review of Te Amaré Siempre (By the Brook) by duckett
Dear Duckett, thanks for mixing my voice! you are right with the Ahhhh sensation...
Tue, Dec 28 9:38 PM SilviaO review of Pequennas Alas by ken_k
It is beautiful. I love your version!! Many thanks for your mix, really nice job
Wed, Nov 24 8:25 PM SilviaO review of nube by Javolenus
Thanks Javolenus for your mix!! It is wonderful, I like the voice arrangements a...
Mon, Oct 25 6:47 AM SilviaO review of DownPlay by PBDoetMee
Hi PBD, Many thanks for your mix!! I really like the sound. I have new ideas a...
Mon, Oct 11 5:55 AM SilviaO review of Corazon/ Sin Direcion/ Una Cancion by Ezra Skull
Thanks HEJ31, I love your version, it is really nice!
Thu, Sep 2 8:06 PM SilviaO review of Un solo corazon (Bossa) by unreal_dm
Great sound!! many thanks!! I would love to make another version using your musi...
Sun, Aug 29 7:28 AM SilviaO review of Un solo corazon by debbizo
Thank you for mixing my voice!!
Tue, Oct 27 8:38 PM SilviaO review of Desaprendere (scmixer industrial waltz mix) by s.c.mixer
As always your work is wonderful, many thanks!!
Tue, Oct 27 8:35 PM SilviaO review of Es Tarde (mix) by @nop
Beautiful mix!!! I love it!! many thanks, could you send me the track without m...
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