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Reviews left by shagrugge

Mon, May 11 8:53 AM shagrugge review of Nadeya (Amok Remix) by Amok
infectious dirty bass
Sun, May 10 8:16 PM shagrugge review of Saint Nikkelbag by Hi_Stakes
1 hot mix
Sun, May 10 8:08 PM shagrugge review of Behind the Sun by BOCrew
glitchy goodness
Sun, May 10 8:05 PM shagrugge review of The Pharmacy in my head by djguido
groovin club track... this is ready for hi-energy late night
Thu, Apr 16 3:30 PM shagrugge review of Can We ? by Loveshadow
damn! wow! (no relation to shamwow)
Thu, Apr 16 10:42 AM shagrugge review of Madame Hoody by FGrn Grn
nice beat construction
Thu, Apr 16 10:40 AM shagrugge review of Kaj Rocks by Revlin
love the sonic layers you put on this.
Wed, Apr 1 3:31 PM shagrugge review of Power Bars by fourstones
This one brought a tear to my eye. Mark was a a good friend and the first spoken...
Mon, Mar 30 5:29 AM shagrugge review of Fresh Doughnuts by morgantj
dig the chop shop... thinkin' about the re:mix
Sat, Mar 21 8:07 PM shagrugge review of Drugs of Choice (Nashville Skyline Mix) by Budapest BluesBoy
always enjoy your uploads...chock full of samples
Sat, Mar 21 8:05 PM shagrugge review of Huey by fourstones
sub zero basstastic definitely digging the haunting spin you put on this.
Sat, Mar 21 7:59 PM shagrugge review of Down To The Minimal by J.Lang
yo thanks for remixin this... hard to believe those lyrics are a few years old n...