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Reviews left by shagrugge

Sun, Jan 14 9:09 PM shagrugge review of I cut samples like (twist and mangle remix) by plurgid
you definitely need to extnd this
Sun, Jan 14 9:01 PM shagrugge review of Mega Colaboration - Welcome to Mixter by Analog By Nature
well worth the wait. thnx CDK. - this is some chill-out party mix ish -
Sat, Jan 13 1:54 PM shagrugge review of Shaking It UP by MTGakaCaraMelG
this is chock full of some great samples...ppl who vote 1 on a pella just don't ...
Sat, Jan 13 11:56 AM shagrugge review of I Wonder by teru
love the backwards snare action...melodic, melancholy vocals fit well with the a...
Fri, Jan 12 5:30 PM shagrugge review of Who Am I?... by bombero
Love the latin jazzy breakbeat club vibe...I think the vocal would be a perfect ...
Fri, Jan 12 5:26 PM shagrugge review of Otter Dangerfield by muleboy
xtnd that 5h17!!!
Fri, Jan 12 5:23 PM shagrugge review of Everyday Choices by rewired
ill mix...ditto on the vox being slightly hot but that's probably on purpose to ...
Sat, Jan 6 11:53 AM shagrugge review of Passin.. by bombero
ill herbaliser type vibe going on...perfect match for the hollowed out vocals
Tue, Jan 2 5:27 AM shagrugge review of Otto!.. by bombero
Gritty and straight gutter! Rewind and extnd that!!!
Mon, Jan 1 2:40 PM shagrugge review of If You Can't by Aamu
killer downtempo meets industrial vibe
Mon, Jan 1 2:38 PM shagrugge review of A Long Way From Home (Ran's Mix) by MC Jack in the Box
McJack does it again. I think the repitch/vocal work is great
Wed, Dec 27 6:04 PM shagrugge review of Happy new year!.. by bombero
it's like a voodoo ceremony where Collin Mutchler is the master of ceremonies
Wed, Dec 20 5:32 AM shagrugge review of OPEN your eyes (ELITHRMIX) by BOCrew
ill beat construction and the melody is on point, can't ask for more.
Tue, Dec 19 5:44 AM shagrugge review of All I need (FF remix) by FGrn Grn
diggin the minimalistic acoustic beats in this
Mon, Dec 18 5:36 PM shagrugge review of Mind Field by DJ BLUE
artic chill factor going on here ;)